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  1. haha im sure you'll grow to be at least 5'10... and hey... brent grimes is 5'6 lol anything is possible

  2. i didn't get it earlier either... i didn't even know most of the rules... i didn't know what a block in the back was until it happened to me in a game... i was 5'6 freshman year and graduated at 6'1... there's still hope lol

  3. yeah i never played until freshman year... you shouuld play if you can... some of the best moments of my life are because i played football

  4. hey do you play football? just thought i'd ask since your like high school age

  5. i know i never got to meet a falcon... although i got a in person autograph from patrick willis

  6. **** hella close i'd die if i got his gloves...

  7. oh and to answer your question from the thread: the raider game i was upper deck on the 30... this year for the niner game i had money cause i had a job so i payed $89 a ticket... and bought two... i was in the front row right in the endzone... totally worth it... yeah i decided if the falcons are in either SF or OAK im gonna go everytime...

  8. no problem man lol

    long range high five!

  9. oh and at that meeting ask about this trade offer trade offer... brent grimes for aquib talib... works out for both of us...

  10. please tell your bucs to not scare me like that and to not injure our players... can't you guys just roll over?

  11. hey i nevertalked to you but saw one of your posts and thought i hould let you know... your member name "whysojerious32" is probably the best i've seen on the boards... congratulations...

  12. i gotta admit... freeman looks decent... he's not jamarcus russell.

  13. congrats to your bucaneers on beating a actually non-terrible team... i was pulling for the bucs in that one... anyway congrats...

  14. its okay... it wasn't long ago the falcons were the worst team in the NFL

  15. since the rams lost would you consider the bucs the worst team in the NFL?