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  1. If I am correct when D. Jones had his Pick Six against the Saints he had the fastest scoring play in the NFL that week.
  2. Ryan #1, Julio #2 for me... I'll never forget watching Matt Ryan on national television against Virginia Tech and after the game was over I knew he was who I wanted.
  3. Ryan looks real bad right now but I am fully expecting a big second half... Call me biased or a homer but I have full faith in him if this game ends up with us down 6 with 2 minutes left and the ball that he's gonna win us the game.
  4. people need to appreciate what we have now... I already know 12 years from now we will all be wishing we had him back or had someone like him.
  5. Rex Ryan is a GREAT Defensive Coordinator... as a head coach... below average... I would be thrilled to have him as our D Coordinator but not interested in him as a Head Coach.
  6. let's be real here though... Is there anyone here who had the guts to start Atlanta D today? I started Free in both my leagues but didn't even consider ATL D
  7. I have 0 doubt in my mind he'd be top 10... maybe top 5 with ryan. He's a lot like julio, main difference being julio is way stronger.
  8. I am not saying collins didn't struggle today but are we going to act like hopkins isn't one of the NFL's better WR? If you gave him a half decent O-Line and QB he would be a top 10 maybe top 5 WR and when their offense is facing almost all backups it is a half decent O-line and QB.
  9. I like hardy but i still see him as more of a slot guy. Hankerson looks like a better outside receiver with his size and speed despite his questionable hands. I'd still like to see a new #2 receiver get acquired in the next couple years once roddy is clearly on his way out.
  10. PSA it says on the website that it is only for 4 year schools but it also allows some community colleges so it may be available to more than you think. I just got it, it allows you to pay in 4 payments of $25 to spread it out a little more. Do you already have a chromecast as well? I just chromecast it right onto my TV. Very worth it.
  11. I am honestly absolutely stunned to hear that there are people on here who like Buck and Collinsworth's commentating... I honestly can't remember ever hearing either of them say anything that a casual fan couldn't have said/thought of.
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