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  1. Ironic timing for the Sterling Brown video to come out on the same day. Protests aren't supposed to be convenient. Hope the players who care for this cause continue to stand up for those who don't have the spotlight. In case you missed it:
  2. First one I remember is the 98' Championship game. I definitely watched before then, but that and the Braves Championship I remember where I was when they happened.
  3. For people trying to start getting into craft beer, start with blue moon. It is a non bitter beer that pairs amazingly with an orange slice. IPA's are where it is at though once you get the taste for em
  4. Am I the only one around here that still gets the paper delivered?
  5. We have a fairly good view of where we will fall............32nd pick! I would still fire Mike Smith
  6. Last year the subreddit r/NFL had a high quality link posted the day after and always a good place for discussion
  7. They need to change the NFL playoffs in 2 ways. First is to add one playoff game to each conference. That means the 1 seed is the only team that gets a bye week. Making it harder to get a bye will make the games later in the year more important and the teams will be less likely to rest players in later weeks. People complain that adding these two games will be detrimental to player health or will diminish the importance of the regular season. For me I want the 10-6 and 11-5 team to make the playoffs (AKA the cardinals from last year) while also including all division winners. This will only ma
  8. I think that our second pick should be jimmy ward. It seems to me that Attaochu or Van Noy will be available near the end of round 2 and I would love to see TD trade up to get one of them
  9. It is not a position of need as of right now. He is a great player, but we have some young guys that could fill in for 80% of what he does at 20% the cost. Not to mention Julio, Roddy, and HD.
  10. Actually he will be with the team for at least 2 years and probably a third. The dead money in the contract would be too much to just cut. I am assuming they will restructure after year two. At some point though all that money will come back to bite them, but probably not for another 3 years
  11. I believe the next time the Saints need to be under the cap is before the draft. They have to set aside at 5 million for those players. Even if they somehow made the cap hit in the first year 3-4 million they would need to restructure or cut a couple more vets. I guess they are just piling up their cap until right about when Brees retires so they keep his window open for as long as possible.
  12. Looks like we will have plenty of room to keep Julio and Matt Ryan's contract doesn't look as daunting as before.
  13. I see this as a very likely to happen, if there are no trades. That being said I don't see the Rams staying put with there pick when they can get the guy they want a couple spots lower. Free agency needs to start so we can get a better picture of who the Falcons are zeroing in on.
  14. Though we have not won the super bowl, we all can be thankful that this regime has not led us to being as perennial losers like the Lions, Raiders or Browns. Atlanta sport fans have not had much success, but that does not mean we can't be optimistic. This is clearly a make or break year for our front office, lets give them a chance to right the ship. If we do not win a playoff game this year I believe changes will be coming.
  15. I would like to see what it would look like when closed
  16. He is only paid $526,000. In an open market he would get 7-10 million a year, so yes he is underpaid. That being said, he is still on his rookie contact and makes the slotted amount for his draft spot.
  17. Even if Matt Ryan never wins a Super Bowl, that is a pretty piss poor sentiment to have.
  18. Even if you do not like Koetter much you have to realize that most of the good Offensive coordinators have already been snapped up by this point in the off season. We would be in a hole trying to find someone who is even better than Mularkey.
  19. If we could get a Julio Jones like haul for him then by all means. I know the Browns squandered those picks, but no matter the player there is no sure thing in the NFL draft. More picks= better chance at hitting a homerun
  20. What would you consider as a reasonable contract for Julio Jones then? 9 million a year?
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