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  1. Hey stranger! How've ya been?

  2. Hey there Tandy!! Long time, no see!! Hope to see ya at some games this year!

  3. Lol, it worked! Thanks :)

  4. How did you get the userbar in your signature? I've been trying to put it but it's not working.

  5. Hi. Hey um, can I use the userbar you have in your signature?

  6. Hey Girl!! Hope you had a great new year! Sorry we missed you in ATL...maybe next season! ;-)

  7. preciaTE THAT.. sorry im a little late...

  8. no =[ not gunna make it to TB game

  9. You gonna make it to the TB game?

  10. Happy Birthday buddy!!

  11. hey hunnie!!

    Sorry, I just got your "Happy Thanksgiving" comment! Hope yours was good! And thanks! Mine was =]

  12. Hey Girl!! Happy thanksgiving!!

  13. aww.. no comments for you? i shall leave you one =]

  14. Tandy is The Truth =]

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