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  1. Our first draft choice will be targeted as a TE or the best player available.
  2. I was thinking the same thing when I saw this last night...
  3. Dunta: Awwwww yeah! I'm on Sportscenter tonight for sure!!!
  4. Saints - "This looks like the first play of every game! Jump the gaps guys!" Murlarkey - "I was for sure Turner up the middle would work for us..."
  5. Never to late to speculate for the future! I haven't heard of any of these guys. Any youtube vids on any of them? Personally, I wouldn't want to draft a TE unless Gonzo stays another year. New talent will get a year to work with him and develop. If he leaves, pick up a proven TE vet.
  6. Hmm I don't think forcing the deep balls to Julio was the main cause to the losses but over the time that JJ was out we did see an improvement in some of the plays that were drawn up. Hopefully, he can see how we used HD and play that to JJ's strengths. Also with Ovie out I think we'll see different players get involved more now that most defenses will not have had time to study us w/o Ovie.
  7. Is Brent Celek nearing the end of his contract? He has been ignored by Vick the past couple years. Dude was owning it when McNabb was slanging it to him... I wish we could have picked up Ben Watson before NE let him get to Cleveland. Alot of wasted TE talent in the NFL these days... Zack Miller...
  8. Matty Ice: You know I'm the better Matt right? Just saying...
  9. Yeah definitely not what I wanted but... Snelling can fill the role and I think this gives MM a chance to switch up some of the play calling and formations. I see positive out of this but man I hope the best for Ovie and his recovery.
  10. Absolutely. Coach Smith was trying to talk to him but he just turned his head and walked off. As far as im concerned, him and Suh can kick rocks.
  11. Defense balled out today! Salute to D-Block
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