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  1. Saw the interview with Deion just now, I hope he succeeds because he's a Falcon but man that kid is passionate, and a man of his word...
  2. Welcome to Atlanta, hope he's that missing piece.
  3. Willis for the pass rush, but with TB and CAR I'd like Peppers for the versatility.
  4. I still love my Falcons, but in my mind it's as legit as the bachelor. You can say I'm crazy, fine, but I believe that ****, so I can't keep watching this ****. Am I wasted or am I for real, time will tell. The
  5. I am a fan, I've always have been. I'm done though, not because of my team, but because of the circumstances. I'm crazy, yes, probably, but this **** just seems rigged... And I'm done, I just shed tears, but now I'm realizing that this was never real. They'll let us win when it benefits them, not before. I sound crazy, I know, but I'm done with the league.
  6. There's omens left and right, I see them everywhere but I may be biased though... My number one omen though is the belief that worst case scenario, I know this team is gonna put up a fight, and to have a shot that's all you need.
  7. Quinn got dissed, but Olsen, man that dude got ripped. "And the man of the year goes to, both of these other dudes, not you... You didn't do enough."
  8. It's official... Matty ****ing Ice baby!
  9. We just have so much talent that its to easy... Wait, didn't we reach in free agency, didn't we reach in the draft... Oh, and if I remember right we just had an overall lack of talent. I guess you can give it to whoever when you're writing the narrative.
  10. Rico or Beasly, but if I have to choose one I'll go for the Cinderella Man, Vic Beasley.
  11. The voters are a joke, congrats to Andersen but T.O. should have been first ballot. These guys made a living writing about him and now they shun him, freakin ridiculous.
  12. 12pck Sweet Water 420 6pck Terrapin Rye Ale 6pck Terrapin Sound Czech 12pck Guinness Draught
  13. If you like grilling you can't go wrong with some carne asada. Go to your local Mexican store or anywhere you can get some skirt steak. Sliced onions, minced garlic, chopped cilantro, salt, pepper, cumin, diced jalapeno if you like heat, lime juice, put it all in a big bowl and add a bit of Modelo beer. By the time the coal is ready you're good to go.
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