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  1. Couldn't hurt to bring him in considering our lack of depth at the position
  2. I say the bigger mistake was getting rid of our ONLY pass rusher when we already had pass rush issues
  3. I've said from the beginning that Rex Ryan was my pick. I was majorly disappointed with the way that whole thing played out but I was prepared to get on board with anyone besides Austin or McDaniels as the new HC.
  4. No but I could see Massaquoi finally emerging with Quinn here
  5. At this point nothing would be surprising. I'm used to this franchise disappointing me.
  6. Really? The guy who's main argument about not wanting Rex Ryan because he has a 50-52 record is on board with bringing Kubiak and his losing record as a HC.....
  7. I don't think reaching 2 conference championships and having top 10 defenses throughout your career makes you a failure. I'd much rather take a shot on a guy who has proven he can lead a team and have success in the playoffs than go after another unproven coach like we did with Mora, Petrino and Smith.
  8. Running "Stella" the WR screen numerous times in a game when the opposing team clearly knows the play. I also agree with the use of Antone. Week after week he was promised more touches yet I don't think he ever touched the ball more than 6 times in any game (run and pass included).
  9. you can find the answers to your why the jets offense sucked dilemma in the hundreds of other threads debating Rex Ryan being our next HC,
  10. My bad. I saw the retweets from finn and mcclure and assumed it was legit without looking
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