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  1. These pix are of my son. MUNKY did a great job and I recommend him to anyone on here!! Still haven't gotten through all the pictures he took! Good guy though if anyone needs any pix done!
  2. At the end of the day this is all just a game! Pretty awesome what you've done! Sorry for your loss!!
  3. Haha that would be nice! Thanks
  4. My first born son Brantley Eli Waters!! 9 lb 3 oz
  5. I like that but I want flat black or a carbon fiber look. Its crazy how in these threads ppl always want something simple, we got something simple in this redesign and everyone hates it. Go figure.
  6. I doubt McDaniels leaves Brady and the Patriots as offensive coordinator to come here to be an offensive coordinator
  7. A QB with just as many playoff wins as Ryan?
  8. I don't "want" the team to lose. I'd love to somehow make it to the playoffs and hopefully win a game, BUT it doesn't hurt my feelings if this team loses. I want a new coach next year and I believe we will be better. If we win the division we have little **** in the playoffs and it makes out schedule a little tougher next year.
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