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  1. With another offseason Quinn should be able to shore-up the defense. 1. Biermann is history - I watched every play he was in and he was pitiful 2. Beasley has not been terrible, but he definitely hasn't had the impact we expected yet. Have to see how he comes around next season, although we absolutely need another edge rusher. 3. MLB has to be upgraded, period. In fact we need better linebackers, period 4. With everybody clamoring for the need for an upgrade at safety, I have always felt that the 3rd CB spot was more of a need since we run more defensive plays nickel than a
  2. So, even a game or two, if Ricardo is out and Therezie got dinged up .... who would be next man up at FS?
  3. Naturally, I would have written-off the 2 grand immediately as entertainment dollars - god knows I've lost more than that several times in a casino in one night. I just thought that it would be fun to have a miracle bet that would stay alive as long as the Falcons aren't eliminated from playoff contention. Lighten up - lot better odds than the lottery ... lol
  4. My local BK will pay 5 or 10 no sweat, but 80 gets more complicated. He doesn't take high odds bets to begin with, and it could be hard to lay 80 quickly.
  5. Boy, y'all have no sense of humor today.
  6. I didn't make it to Vegas before the Philly game and wasn't able to place the Super Bowl winner bet with the sportsbook (I'm nervous about betting on off-shore sites). The initial odds on Atlanta were 40 to 1 ...... after the Philly game, the odds dropped all the way to 30 to 1. I was going to bet 2 thousand to win a miracle $80,000 - I felt like I had lost 20 grand right off the bat. Then, after the NY game, the odds continued to drop to around 25 to 1. I felt it would be fun to make the 40 to 1 bet, but with it dropping so low I'm not so motivated. Even though I knew it would take a mi
  7. They can't have 53 active for the games anyway. Why not have him available as soon as possible and save the short term IR just in case.
  8. I would like to read Dr. Andrews full report as to what skills have diminished for Long since his peak years (i.e. quickness, lateral movement, speed, etc.). If Matthews and Schrader are healthy at least 2 or 3 games, Long can improve his health, learn the blocking schemes, and bond with his fellow linemen - all assuming his health will improved relatively soon and he doesn't expect too much money. Long could be the swing tackle if Matthews and Schrader stay healthy and continue to improve - if Schrader got hurt, Matthews could always play RT if that's what's best for the team.
  9. Back to the dead horse. 1. Do the Falcon's really believe that Matthews and Schrader will both stay healthy all season and improve to above average quality OT's (with the hope that Matthews becomes a stud) ..... AND .. that we could actually get by with a 3rd tackle between Polumbus or Harris (or even Holmes on the PUP) .. ha,ha. Will they pull the trigger and go ahead and sign Long, who seems to be the best option at this point. What exactly is his health, and how much money (and length of contract) would it take?
  10. Since Reed is probably our best linebacker .... that hurts. I hate those hammy and groin injuries - you just never know when they will heal completely or reoccur. This is why I'm still worried about our top two RB's.
  11. That would shore-up the S position, now y'all tell me who can we can trust at the third corner - who is basically a starter. Oh, and find that 3rd OT somehow.
  12. We all seem to agree that we need to improve the OLine before the season starts (at least a third OT), and have discussed it endlessly. So, we have to assume that the Falcons management realizes this too - unless we are all complete idiots. What do y'all think their plan might be to improve this weakness that seems so obvious?
  13. Let me revise this topic to our ability to limit the effectiveness of an 'average' TE.
  14. I would like to think that there's more options to jam a TE for 10 yds. than to cover JJ everywhere.
  15. I know that different positions will have responsibility for the TE depending on different looks and the quality of the tight end. But traditionally, a linebacker would be called on for the shorter routes that seem to kill us. Who do y'all think we have that could disrupt and blanket the TE for at least 10 yards?
  16. Can we keep them both on the 53 man roster?
  17. These were high picks. What is it? Some say they look stiff and slow to react - I don't know. A corner needs to have several attributes .... but swivel hips, sticking to the receiver like glue, and having ball awareness are some of them. You would think these qualities would have been evident (or not) when the scouts watched all that tape.
  18. At one time, I thought Southward was going to develop into a solid DB - assuming that he would stay healthy, work his hardest on and off the field, and find the right position to utilize his considerable skills. I guess I was wrong ...... that sux. I must admit that I didn't see a lot of Collins in college, but by most accounts, he was a good value where we picked him. With that high of a pick, I hoped he would be in the top 3 CB battle - since the nickel package is run as much as any other set. Alford has shown to me that he belongs, even if they wanted him to cover the slot sometimes de
  19. The quicker we have a complete OL in place .... the quicker they can gel and communicate with each other. If we are talking about 1 or 2 year deals, I don't see how we can be hurt too bad with the cap. It's possible we could get them slightly cheaper if we waited, but it's more likely some other team won't pinch every penny and go ahead and sign two potentially solid OLinemen. They may not be guaranteed starting jobs (although Mathis probably would start), but have we ever had a season where the OL had no injuries - and then we are forced to use garbage to fill in.
  20. I'm tired of hearing about how weak our OL is, and how we have absolutely no depth in case of injury. I just know I would feel more secure if Long and Mathis were on the team.
  21. If Southward comes through big-time at FS or corner, our secondary will be greatly improved. Thoughts ..... - South can neither be considered a bust or a solid starter at this point - there simply is not enough game experience to judge. - There is no doubt that he has a multitude of skills and he seems to have a hard-working mentality. His size, speed and hard hitting are all good things. The one thing I have not seen enough film on is if he has the fluid, swivel-hip quickness that an ideal corner would have ..... or if his skills would be better suited with the play more in front of him
  22. To stay on topic - Housler at TE and Tramon Williams at corner would shore up those positions at a reasonable price. It's also possible that they could be starter quality. I'm counting on our first 2 picks to be starters (rusher & MLB).
  23. Bottom line is that our entire LB core was sub-par last year. We need LB's that can provide some of the pass rush, but they must also be able to cover a TE or RB on those 5-15 short routes that are killing us - not to mention stuffing the rushing game. I also want to win the lottery ... LOL
  24. Yeah, I was hoping Spoon would be retained and play 3 downs on the inside.
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