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  1. I would like that move if we dont trade up. He will be waiting fo a contract soon. If I had to choose between he and neal.....I would take Hooker for sure.
  2. TD should give his good buddy in Jax a call for the #20 pick without # 16 involved. I would offer #47, #134, and 2021 1st round pick They would still have # 9 , #20, day 2 picks, and the ability to double up in the first in 2021 1st:Trevon Diggs CB 1st: Kenneth Murray LB 3rd:Davon Hamilton DT 4th:Tyler Biadasz C/G 7th:Tanner Muse S/LB
  3. I I'm torn. Defense would be sooo nasty!
  4. On the trade block. He would be a perfect fit as our centerfielder.
  5. Takk would absolutely be disposable. I doubt resigning him was in the plans to start with. ****..throw in Rico or Kazee too Takk/Kazee #16, #47, 2021 1st, 3rd, and 2022 2nd, and 4th.
  6. It's only a matter of time before he decides to compile picks. Depending on how the board falls, a trade might not be worth it. They hit us with the Kansas City shuffle more times than not. A trade up would be true misdirection
  7. Wow. These percentages dont look good at all. I will be fine with a light trade up(3rd round pick). Nothing more tho.
  8. Trade #16 to MIA for #26 and #56 1st: Jaylon Johnson CB- Prototype CB for our scheme. Sticky in coverage and willing tackler. ATL moves #56 to IND for Malik Hooker FS. Ideal ball hawking center fielder that dealt with a couple injuries in the last couple of seasons. He is on the block and we make a deal. Far less injury concerns than Neal or Rico. Clear upgrade. 2nd:Neville Gallimore DT- Has the makings of a grady clone. Played alot of nose like grady did at Clemson. That pair will live in the backfield. 3rd: Willie Gay LB- We get an upgrade over Cambpell. Despite off fie
  9. I'm starting to think reggie wont be there at 78. He would be an ideal choice if we went DL/LB round 2. Also....I was wondering if Amik robinson could transition to single high FS? 4.4 speed and way tougher than his size indicates. He is on the smaller side, but is comparable to Tyrann Mathieu(5-9 187). Just a thought.
  10. Who would you deal? They have Landon Collins at SS so Neal wouldn't work. Takk/Kazee/#16/#47 2021 1st &3rd
  11. I like the thought of Tre Boston at FS with rico and Kazee dropping down to NB.
  12. The thought of having a front 4 of Fowler/Grady/Kinlaw/Griffen...:)Add Bryce Hall in the 2nd, and the secondary will look so much better. Kazee would be a pick machine again with all that added pressure up front.
  13. I truly couldn't complain at all. I would pumped if this materialized. I get your reasoning with Van. Great value at #109.
  14. I dont even think a 2021 1st would sink the franchise. We would still have rounds 2-7 along with comp picks. If u think you can get the defensive equivalent of Julio ... do it
  15. Reminds me alot of Babineaux coming out of Iowa.
  16. I heard an analyst say Simmons has a bachelor's in S/LB/CB with the ability to attain Masters/PhD at whichever position becomes his primary spot. How often do u find a player that can look like Urlacher on 1st & 2nd @ LB, then turn to Sean Taylor @ S/CB on 3rd down. If we ca figure it out...get it done. We can mak a little splash signing after 6/1 to make up for what we lost in a trade up.
  17. The earliest I would select him would be in round 3.
  18. I would go for it because of the solid FA haul this offseason. We upgraded DE TE RB in the 1st wave of transactions. We will be in the market for another splash at a need position after June 1st. Logan Ryan A. Dennard Everson Griffen Markus Golden
  19. Does anybody have any thoughts on this guy. He is strong as an ox, and can push the pocket from the edge or interior. I think he could develop into a Charles Johnson type to compliment Fowler. I rewatched Senior bowl practices, and all I saw was him batting down balls and caving the pocket on the edge. I believe his best football is ahead of him.
  20. Adam's is arguably the best saftey in football. We need a good single high FS to compliment Adam's and our current Cover 3 scheme. With the addition of Fowler/Gallimore/Mckinney, our front 4 should make things much easier for our CB's who already looked way better in the second half of the season. Add on the veteran experience Dennard brings, and it allows us to prioritize completing our safety rebuild.
  21. Between Mack, Carpenter, Brown, Rico, and Takk, I feel a majority of these guys will be cut or told to test the market. These releases along with the increased salary cap will have us in good shape. Who else do we have to pay next year?
  22. FA: A.Dennard CB Trade Keanu Neal/3rd/2021 1st round pick for S Jamaal Adams We trade down deep after our main targets are gone . #16 to Ind for #34 and #44 Trade Kazee & 7th to Houston for LB Benardrick Mckinney. 2nd:Neville Gallimore DT 2nd:Matt Hennessy C/G 2nd:Ashtyn Davis FS 4th: Ali Highsmith DE 4th:Thaddeus Moss TE We get a massive upgrade on the back end, upgrade at SAM LB, added an interior threat to pair with Grady, Starting C in waiting who can compete for a starting spot at G this year, potential for intriguing 2 TE sets, pro
  23. Mctelvin Agim, Saadiq Charles, and Logan Wilson would be nice with our 3rd and multiple 4th rounders. Charles has character concerns, but could be a starting caliber G/T.
  24. Adding Kinlaw will make us very scary along the front 4. It will be a trickle down effect with the LB's and secondary.
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