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  1. Release:








    Glen Sharpe

    Jason Jefferson


    Karlos Dansby- The playmaker we need on the strongside

    Tank Johnson-He is playin behind a probowler 3-4 DT. He would be a better version of Rod Coleman in our 4-3

    Sean Jones- Covers like a cb and is a sure tackler. Atogwe would be nice if Jones isnt available


    1st: Greg Hardy: Very disruptive at DE. Talented pass rusher and above average against the run

    2nd:Jared Cook: One of the best route runners in the entire draft. at 6-5 240, he said he would run sub 4-6> Needs to add 10lbs

    3rd:Jamon Merideth: Strong RT who would allow Clabo to get the RG spot and move Dahl around for depth

    4th:Antoine Caldwell: He will be the center of the future once McClure wraps it up

    5th:Brandon Tate: Robinsons always injured, Finnerans getting old. After the starting 3, it gets kind of dicey. KR/PR as well

    5th: Sammie Lee Hill: He will make his way up the boards as draftday approaches. Good depth in case T.Lewis cant comeback from injuries

    7th:Jasper Brinkley:Would be our backup MLB and situational edge rusher


    DT:T.Johnson/S. Lee Hill/T.Lewis


    DE:G Hardy/C.Davis

    WLB: S. Nicholas/Brooking/Wire

    MLB:C.Lofton/J.Brinkley/T. Gilbert





    FS:E. Coleman/T.Decould

    LT: S.Baker/R.Foster







    FB: O. Mugheli/J.Snelling




    Its going to be between Finneran and L.Robinson who gets the axe. Tate would be a great fit if his knee is 100%

    Rey Hamilton said himself that he saw J.Anderson being a better player at DT. Rotate him at both DT spots. Thats why I chose Hardy

    I also think that Nicholas will be ready to take the weakside spot . 56 will make the second unit better.

  2. FA:


    Angelo Crowell-OLB

    Stacy Andrews-T/G








    1st: BJ. Raji DT

    2nd:Matt Shaunessy DE

    3rd:Zack Follet OLB

    4th:Antoine Caldwell OC/G

    5th:Jared Bronson TE

    5th>Darryl Richard DT

    7th:Jasper Brinkley MLB/RushEnd

  3. If he accepted 2-3 mil, I wouldnt mind him in atlanta as the #2back. He would have fresh legs since he's been underused due to their pass happy offense and poor runblocking. Keeping Turner at about 300 carries a season would be nice. Norwood could still be effective as a #3 change of pace back

  4. Do yall think Michael Boley would be a better WLB than a SLB? I say that because Boleys having a down year and Brooking should be 2nd unit and he could replace him. If we sign somebody like Angelo Crowell, or Leroy Hill(preferably Hill) , we can plug him into the SLB position


    Lawyer Milloy

    Grady Jakson

    Simon Frasier

    Mike Gandy

    Keith Zinger


    Leroy Hill SLB/WLB 6-2 238 (Overshadowed by Tatupu and J.Peterson

    Sean Jones SS 6-1 220 (Good coverage S and a sure tackler

    Ray Willis RT 6-6 315 (potential starter)

    C.J Mosely DT 6-2 305 (Great depth behind Babineaux)


    1st: BJ Raji DT 6-1 323 5.15 (Instant starter besides Babs)

    2nd:Chase Coffman TE 6-6 250 4.76 (Awesome safety valve for Ryan)

    3rd: Maurice Evans DE 6-3 265 4.7 (Good depth)

    4th: Andy Levitre OG 6-3 317 5.25 (Athletic G who will add good depth)

    5th Antoine Caldwell OC 6-2 295 5.10 (Strong and nimble for his size)

    7th Sammie Lee Hill DT 6-4 330 5.26 (By the time the draft gets here he may not be available in the 7th

  5. Im not trying to criticize Turner at all. Im just saying if he dropped 10 pounds off of his frame, it would be less wear and tear on his joints. It wouldnt change his game at all, it would keep him fresher and maybe abit quicker if anything. We do have him for 6years right?

  6. I say we add RT in FA, kick Clabo back inside for depth and draft an OG before the 2nd day. I see Norwood getting demoted to #3 next year if he doesnt get it together. We all know he has the blazing speed to take it to the house at any time, but he just seems to lack the polish and durability to be a consistent #2. He should focus on KR and receiving packages. Snelling and T.Brown are going to fight it out for the #2 job

  7. I think that in the off season, Turner should consider dropping about 10 pounds to about 235. His running style and abilities would be the same with added mobility. He is on pace for 370 carries for the regular season,and I dont see it being any different next year. The reason I say that is because in our power run offense Matt Ryan is already 12th in the nfl with pass attempts(366) and is on pace for 451. It would help reduce the wear and tear from his running style. If next year you add a couple pieces on the O-line with Turner who is a tad lighter on his feet, and a legitimate #2(im sorry Norwood), we become even more of a threat in the run game

  8. People say he cant block and he is undersized, but he wasnt really asked to block in that offense, and with the weight that he's going to add between draft prep, and nfl camp, he will be around 250 and still keep his speed.

    He was a 5star linebacker coming out of highschool, so im sure he has the ability to be an aggressive blocker if that is whats asked of him.

    He is a dynamic threat that can create so many mismatches from his TE/HBack spot as well as in the slot. He has a Kellen Winslow/Dallas Clark skill-set.I can see the seam route being utilized alot. If he is there in the third round, he is an absolute steal

  9. According to many different posts and articles, they said we will have as much as 32 mil in space next year.After TD works the contracts just right(backloading or whatever it takes to free things up), we could be a big player in the Haynesworth sweepstakes. I believe the rookies get their money from another pool of money.

  10. He had a clause in his contract that prevents Ten from franchising him. That makes him an unrestricted free agent. I would offer top DT money withouth blinking. 6yr/50 (15mil gauranteed).We have given away money to players like P.Price, Hartwell who didnt contribute. Now we have a real GM. in Dimitrov who knows talent when he sees it Haynesworth is what you would call a SURE THING(Warren Sapp JR) There isnt a DT in the draft who comes close to the upside of Albert.I think he would do more for our Defense than Turner did for our Offense this year. We will have anywhere from 25-32mil in space. We have enough to sign him as well as resign our players. AH alone makes our LB's and Secondary much more effective. It might be hard to pry him from Ten, but its possible.


    Boley 5yr/25m

    J. Babs 5yr/20m

    Fox 4yr/20m

    Clabo 3yr/6m

    Dahl 3yr/6m

    Jenkins 3yr/9m

    Brooking 2yr/5m


    Albert Haynesworth DT 6yr/50


    1st: Chase Coffman TE (MIZZ)

    2nd: Marcus Freeman OLB (OHIO ST).

    3rd: Michael Hamlin SS (CLEM)

    4th: Andrew Gardner OT (GT)

    5th: Kraig Urbik OG (WISC)

    7th: Sammie Lee Hill DT (STILLMAN)

  11. We trade our 1st(20) to detroit for their 1st(25-from Dallas), 2nd(33), and 5th.

    We then trade both 5th round picks for Sea 4th round pick


    Sean Jones SS (CLE) Good tackler who has elite coverage abilities

    Angelo Crowell OLB (BUF) Due to an injury this year, his asking price will be discounted

    Vernon Carey OT (MIA) Very physical. Would instantly improve our O-line

    C.J Mosley DT/UT (NYJ) Alot of people dont know about him, be he is extremely disruptive when on the field


    Michael Boley

    Mike Jenkins

    Harvey Dahl

    John Babs

    Chauncey Davis


    Keith Brooking

    Lawyer Milloy

    Simon Frasier


    Quinn Ojinaka

    David Irons

    Kindal Moorehead

    Justin Peele

    Alex Stepanovich

    Todd Weiner

    Grady Jackson


    1st: BJ Raji DT (BC) Can occupy multiple blocker while still being able to penetrate upfield

    2nd:Herman Johnson OG (LSU) At 6-7 350, he is extremely physical and suprisingly agile

    2nd:Travis Beckum TE/H-Back (WISC) Instant threat that will open up the entire field. Reminds me of K2 6-4 240 4.59

    3rd:Jamon Merideth OT (S.CAR) A very physical Tackle in a physical conference

    4th:Larry English: OLB/DE (NIU) Great initial burst of the snap from either position

    4th:Jasper Brinkley MLB/DE (S.CAR) His injury dropped his stock, but he can ball. Good depth in the middle.

    7th: Sammie Lee Hill DT (Stillman) He could be our Trey Lewis

    QB: Ryan/Redman/Shockley

    RB: Turner/Norwood/T.Brown

    FB: O Mughelli/J. Snelling

    WR:Roddy White/H.Douglas/L. Robinson

    WR:Mike Jenkins/B. Finneran

    TE: Travis Beckum/Ben Hartsock

    LT: Sam Baker/J. Merideth/R.Foster


    C: Todd McClure/B.Wilkerson

    RG: Herman Johnson/H.Dahl/T.Clabo

    RT: Vernon Carey/J.Merideth/Clabo

    LE: ABE/L.English/K.Bierman

    DT: BJ Raji/T.Lewis/Sammie Lee Hill

    UT: J.Babs/C.J Mosley/JA98

    RE: JA98/C.Davis/English

    SLB: Michael Boley/ Stephen Nicholas

    MLB: Curtis Lofton/Brinkley/T.Gilbert

    WLB:Angelo Crowell/L Englsh/Coy Wire

    SS: Sean Jones/Antoine harris

    FS: Erick Coleman/Thomas Decould

    LCB:D.Foxworth/Chevis Jackson/Grimes

    RCB:C.Houston/Von Hutchinson/Grimes

  12. Us not having grady hurt us a bit. Things wont be completely right with our rush until next year when we get a FA DT. We should also get a DT in the draft, but it should be for depth. Haynesworth would be worth every single penny.(6yr 50 mil ) He instantly improves the secondary. We should resign Fox and start him. Put Grimes at nickel and Jackson at dime and were good

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