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  1. We might have a shot at a good C/G in the 4th. Keith Ismael Nick Harris
  2. TD needs to target another second as well. The available talent still on the board may be too enticing. Fortify our front 7, and go BPA the rest of the way
  3. I sure hope so. I hope we can snap up 2 or 3 that can legit make the final roster
  4. M. Davison D.Hamilton and Agim. We Could use either style. Agim or Davidso would pair real well with Grady and be able to play 5T on passing downs. Hamilton gives us more beef as a run stopper with potential to improve as a pass rusher.
  5. 3rd,4th, 2021 2nd for one of Miami's 2nd rounders Epanessa/Baun
  6. UDFA just might be the best it's been in awhile. With the world locked down, the gems that would normally generate a buzz pre draft will be in abundance. TD has some history in this department. We could find this years versions of Schraeder, Poole, Worrilow, Tuoti-Mariner, Gono
  7. I think we could see TD being aggressive in the 2nd. I could see him trying to acquire another 2nd outright using something from 2021
  8. Does Julian blackmon make it to #78. He has alot of potential at FS, and has CB experience.
  9. Gallimore and Baun sounds real good right now if we pick up an extra 2nd. We could grab JR Reed(underrated)with our 4th.
  10. Im with it if TD&co plan on giving Neal an opportunity at WLB. Secondary would be secure.
  11. Both Neal and Rico are making 6mill. Unless we trade one of them, I dont see us getting one in round 2.
  12. We definitely have our starters at S already on the roster. What are the odds Delpit or Winfield unseats Neal Rico/Kazee year 1?
  13. Praying Kinlaw goes to SF. Lamb or Juedy will be at #16. We could get a killing
  14. I hope ARI is holding the selection to see if the teams OT target gets to 16.
  15. I like the draft by the way. I like Okwara at round 2, but I would consider LB if the right one fell.
  16. Does this draft have a LB that would allow Deion Jones to play WLB. He is scrappy, but his skillset would be maximized at WLB
  17. That would be my favorite scenario. I believe Ruiz is Lindstroms equivalent. Our running game will be able to take pressure off Matt and the defense. Gurley/Akers sounds good. Wont be many glaring needs for 2021.
  18. We should all be accustomed to this by now. Fans will either love it or get over it.
  19. I think they will be blowing Washingtons phone up hoping they can come to terms on a deal. If it's a no go, I can see them acquiring a late 1st rounder if a couple prospects on top of the falcons big board slide. I would consider it for: Queen/Winfield/Delpit/Matos/Baun/Blacklock/
  20. That would be dope. Best case scenario if we stay put.
  21. I'm aware of that. A dynamic, rangy FS is more valuable to us than Neal at SS is all. Neal will have to be paid like a top 5 S if we re-signed him.
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