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  1. I could see a situation where TD got a good look at Adam's while they were scouting Mcgary.
  2. Trey Adam's T/G out of Washington would be a good candidate to be a swing guy
  3. Forgot Coe. Lacks good athleticism, but he is strong as an ox. Allen Bailey-ish
  4. Now for the next phase. JR Reed S Thad Moss TE Hunter Bryant TE Raequan William's AJ Green Tyler Clark DT
  5. Udfa's T.Moss TE JR Reed S H.Bryant TE J.Garvin DE Reaqwan William's DT Benito Jones DT T. Adam's T/G J.Leake KR/PR/RB
  6. Wilikes or Thaddeus Moss to pair with Hurst.
  7. Hall could take Oliver's spot or be our saftey of the future. I dont think he will last. I would give something in 2021 to move up
  8. Pray Bryce Hall is available and snag him up ASAP. He could be our future FS or force Olliver or Sheffield down the line to nickle
  9. Offer up both 4th rounders and get the bpa on defense.(Weaver/Harrison/Anae/Gaither/Wilikes)If we dont get get LB this year, a guy like Nigel Bradham would be a nice look I. FA. If we do t get and in the draft, go get Markus Golden. So I am pleased with the offseason and draft asa whole so far.
  10. Terell Lewis could still be available @ 78. He might be worth the risk. Hennesy would be the right choice tho
  11. We might have a shot at a good C/G in the 4th. Keith Ismael Nick Harris
  12. TD needs to target another second as well. The available talent still on the board may be too enticing. Fortify our front 7, and go BPA the rest of the way
  13. I sure hope so. I hope we can snap up 2 or 3 that can legit make the final roster
  14. M. Davison D.Hamilton and Agim. We Could use either style. Agim or Davidso would pair real well with Grady and be able to play 5T on passing downs. Hamilton gives us more beef as a run stopper with potential to improve as a pass rusher.
  15. 3rd,4th, 2021 2nd for one of Miami's 2nd rounders Epanessa/Baun
  16. UDFA just might be the best it's been in awhile. With the world locked down, the gems that would normally generate a buzz pre draft will be in abundance. TD has some history in this department. We could find this years versions of Schraeder, Poole, Worrilow, Tuoti-Mariner, Gono
  17. I think we could see TD being aggressive in the 2nd. I could see him trying to acquire another 2nd outright using something from 2021
  18. Does Julian blackmon make it to #78. He has alot of potential at FS, and has CB experience.
  19. Gallimore and Baun sounds real good right now if we pick up an extra 2nd. We could grab JR Reed(underrated)with our 4th.
  20. Im with it if TD&co plan on giving Neal an opportunity at WLB. Secondary would be secure.
  21. Both Neal and Rico are making 6mill. Unless we trade one of them, I dont see us getting one in round 2.
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