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  1. Gage gives me Golden Tate vibes.
  2. If we had to choose between Grffen and golden, I would have to go Golden. Griffen has had some mental issues throughout his career. Idk if it's worth the risk
  3. It would be dope if they accepted Takk and a 2nd.
  4. Please dont play with my emotions. I we can come to terms on a deal after 6/1, how can u say no. Its gonna require a 1st, and I'm cool with it.
  5. Watched Gages highlight tape last night. It had me like...well maybe he was pretty **** good. He still has a chance to prove he can be a #2 type receiver when Julio is gone. Another promising late round pick by TD and company.
  6. Malik for 3rd & 4th. Clay Mathews at SLB Defense would be set
  7. Nigel Bradham would be a real nice addition on a 1 or 2 yr deal. Give the young ones a chance to marinate.
  8. Dropping down to 290 wouldn't affect his game on the interior due to his raw strength, but he could gain an extra step on the edge.
  9. Definitely. He should be able to unseat Foye.
  10. No such thing as too many lineman at this part of the offseason
  11. Huff would be a nice project. Pass rush specialist. With the exception of Fowler,Means and Takk, we have nothing but jumbo DE's on the roster.
  12. Lol. Can back up both T spots, and maybe guard. He is a bit tall for G
  13. Lol. Bring him home. That's his business. If he can play....
  14. Good for him. Hope it works out in Indy. Good kid
  15. If Allen bailey wasnt as athletic is what I was getting at
  16. I could see a situation where TD got a good look at Adam's while they were scouting Mcgary.
  17. Trey Adam's T/G out of Washington would be a good candidate to be a swing guy
  18. Forgot Coe. Lacks good athleticism, but he is strong as an ox. Allen Bailey-ish
  19. Now for the next phase. JR Reed S Thad Moss TE Hunter Bryant TE Raequan William's AJ Green Tyler Clark DT
  20. Udfa's T.Moss TE JR Reed S H.Bryant TE J.Garvin DE Reaqwan William's DT Benito Jones DT T. Adam's T/G J.Leake KR/PR/RB
  21. Wilikes or Thaddeus Moss to pair with Hurst.
  22. Hall could take Oliver's spot or be our saftey of the future. I dont think he will last. I would give something in 2021 to move up
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