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  1. He is not 225. that was earlier in his career. he is 237.. At 6-4 He has the frame to add 10 or so pounds Alot of people on this board are just obsessed with the thought of a 260-270 pound TE. I bet he runs a low 4.6 at 240 during the combine. I would like Cook in the second or Beckum in the 3rd
  2. I hope he commits but im worried because we signed the #5 TE Arthur Fontaine(Great blocker but hes got 4.9 speed...ugh) and we have Aron White. If Orson runs a 4.5 40 like they say, AJ,M.Brown,Charles and King at receiver would be ridiculous
  3. At 236 he is simillar to most of the TE's in this class in the 2nd to 4th round range (Nelson,Cook,Casey) A TE doesnt have to be 260 to be an effective blocker. (Dallas Clark, K2, J.Shockey,Donald Lee, Dustin Keller) By training camp he would have added 10-12 pounds to about 250 while maintaing 4.5-4.6 speed. He was hard to scout as a blocking TE because they flexed him out so many ways. That really doesnt mean he is incapable of doing it. I would be happy picking him up in the 3rd. Everybody has to remember that once the combine comes and goes , fans, scouts, sports analysts will change thei
  4. By any chance did u ever watch any bears games around 2003-2006 when he was in a 4-3 alignment?
  5. I know Emmit has the title of Assistant head coach/Secondary, but he is getting old. If we got Herm , we could eventually plug him at that spot once Emmit calls it a career. He held the same position in TB from(96-00). He also played for the falcons. I noticed that all coaching vacancies have been filled except Oakland, and I know he has enough sense to decline .
  6. I like ur offseason moves,but I would have Wire backing up Dansby at SLB, and McCrath competing with Nicholas for the WLB spot. English could be an Abraham type player so u know i like that pick I like the Unger pick because he could play RT and G while McClure holds the center spot.You cant go wrong with the all american Coffman. I like the Ron Brace pick, but Moala is starting to grow on me again. Alittle work with Ray Hamilton and he could be dominant DL. I just hope McCrath can bulk up 10 pounds w/o losing the burst he needs to be an effective WLB
  7. He would step in at NT like he did in CHI next to T.Harris and be the player we need. In the 3-4 he had no UT to play off of.
  8. I would do it in a heartbeat. Sign him to a incentive laden contract that has the potential to be in the 5-6mil a year range
  9. Larry English is actually 6-3 and 255. Not too far from Abrahams measurables. Abraham was scouted exclusively as a 3-4 player, and look at him now. I dont buy to much into the labels scouts put on people. If he's strong,explosive first step, good hands,instincts, and tackling abillity he can be a good DE for a 4-3. Scouts say he has all those qualities so I would be pleased with that pick.
  10. Kiper has us taking Larry English in the 1st round. From what I have gathered on him he is a DE/LB tweener who has a high motor. Do yall .think he could be a steal at DE in a 4-3 system. They are saying 3-4 this 3-4 that, but Abraham was talked about the same way when he came out At 6-3 255, I see him as a possible Osi Umenyiora type on the other side of Abraham.
  11. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  12. Les Snead named Falcons’ director of player personnel The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday, January 13, 2009 The Falcons named Les Snead to the new position of Director of Player Personnel Tuesday. Snead, in his 11th season with the team, will evaluate all available free agents. He also will oversee college and pro scouting. “Les continues to distinguish himself as an adept evaluator in our business,” Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a statement. “His work ethic, critical evaluation, and detailed oriented approach to all aspects of personnel clearly set him apart. Les will
  13. If he accepted 2-3 mil, I wouldnt mind him in atlanta as the #2back. He would have fresh legs since he's been underused due to their pass happy offense and poor runblocking. Keeping Turner at about 300 carries a season would be nice. Norwood could still be effective as a #3 change of pace back
  14. Im not trying to criticize Turner at all. Im just saying if he dropped 10 pounds off of his frame, it would be less wear and tear on his joints. It wouldnt change his game at all, it would keep him fresher and maybe abit quicker if anything. We do have him for 6years right?
  15. I say we add RT in FA, kick Clabo back inside for depth and draft an OG before the 2nd day. I see Norwood getting demoted to #3 next year if he doesnt get it together. We all know he has the blazing speed to take it to the house at any time, but he just seems to lack the polish and durability to be a consistent #2. He should focus on KR and receiving packages. Snelling and T.Brown are going to fight it out for the #2 job
  16. I think that in the off season, Turner should consider dropping about 10 pounds to about 235. His running style and abilities would be the same with added mobility. He is on pace for 370 carries for the regular season,and I dont see it being any different next year. The reason I say that is because in our power run offense Matt Ryan is already 12th in the nfl with pass attempts(366) and is on pace for 451. It would help reduce the wear and tear from his running style. If next year you add a couple pieces on the O-line with Turner who is a tad lighter on his feet, and a legitimate #2(im sorry
  17. He just got handed a minimum of 15 years today.
  18. You just beat to this post. I like the way he was breaking down the x and o's. He should stay in the announcer booth if u ask me.
  19. how much do you think his asking price will be?
  20. With the Cut/Release of Vick, Brooking, Weiner,and Jennings, how much cap space will we have to work with? Is there anybody not on our team right now thats still collecting money?
  21. Us not having grady hurt us a bit. Things wont be completely right with our rush until next year when we get a FA DT. We should also get a DT in the draft, but it should be for depth. Haynesworth would be worth every single penny.(6yr 50 mil ) He instantly improves the secondary. We should resign Fox and start him. Put Grimes at nickel and Jackson at dime and were good
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