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  1. I could see us trading down 15 spots with Jax for a second round pick, John Henderson and a 4th round pick. Our #24 is worth 740, and their 2nd and 4th is worth 613. The 127 points left has3rd round value that would land us Henderson. I would be all for it. Depending on what they do with their 8th pick they could be looking for either DT, S or WR and at #24 their will be some available
  2. FA signings: Mike Peterson (Effective starter with Vet leadership) Brett Romberg (Could be McClures successor) Darren Sharper (1-2yr) (Getting older but coverage and hitting ability hasnt dropped much) Tank Johnson (1-2yr) (If he has his head on straight he can become a nice piece in our 4-3) We trade our 24th to GB ror their 41st ,73rd and 2010 3rd round pick 2nd: Connor Barwin - Abe takes him under his wing to become his successor 2nd: Jarron Gilbert - A freakish athlete for his size who would keep Babs fresh at UT 3rd: Victor Macho Harris - Prototypical Corner in our defense.We could plug h
  3. we pick up Freddy Keiaho in FA. He was a 2year starter but the fact that he plays in a scheme that only a few run could put us in a favorable position. He also plays all LB positions.He would be a good choice because Wire and Peterson only have 2 year deals. I say we wait another week and sign him to a 4yr 7-9mill deal. If we could get one or 2 more LB's in the draft(OLB,MLB) we will be good. I also wouldnt mind picking up one of the vet CB's like Ken Lucas, Chris Carr or Justin Miller(Explosive Return man) I hope we dont go LB too early. I like Ellerbe, Brinkley, and J.Williams. Both can b
  4. he was out with a torn pectoral muscle in 06-07 He broke his hand in 07-08 And Del_Rio lost the team after he lost his mind.Made an example with him because of talking back and celebrating after a hit in 08-09. Im pretty sure Smith and TD know whats up. He is going to play hard and help lofton and whoever we draft. 06-07 was an exception with his injuries.
  5. I was checkin his numbers out on ESPN and noticed something. He looks just like T-Pain
  6. Heres a little info on Romberg I u dont know already: Brett Romberg C 6-2 298 5th Season Rams: Though a little undersized Romberg has been in the thick of the starting center position for the last few years in St. Louis. He started three games in 2006, nine games in 2007 and six games in 2008. Last year he broke his hand in training camp and lost the job to Nick Leckey. Romberg did end up starting the last 6 games of the season though. The Rams seems to like Romberg more than Leckey so look for them to re-sign Romberg.
  7. Rams Re-Sign Romberg Mar/02/09 11:55 PM BrettRomberg The rams re-signed C Brett Romberg to a one-year deal. I got this from procanes.com
  8. I think he could be a big steal. It looks like the offense didnt attempt to make him a bigger option in their scheme.
  9. Last season was like his first season so Im willing to give him 2 more seasons. Folks want to rag him on his pass rushing ability, but that will come along with coaching from hamilton. He is an above average run stopper at LDE. RDE's usually have more impressive sack number. If things click this year, 7-10 sacks should be realistic . We need to worry about who's going to take over for Abraham in a couple seasons.
  10. Josh Smith has been playing PF for the last couple of seasons, and Horford is a true PF. Horfords numbers will skyrocket as soon as he can settle in that spot. Trading smove for a Big man to start or rotate with Zaza, and replacing bibby in the offseason FA would be ideal. As good as bibby has been for us, he's getting up there in age, not a good defender and oh yeah he's getting 15 mil a year FA PG's Andre Miller jamaal crawford Raymond Felton
  11. I think we need to trade Jsmoove the next chance we get. We could get a Center or a Point Guard allowing us to move Horford to his natural position PF. Smith finds a way to blow it everytime he gets the ball in his hand. I have lost faith in him completely.
  12. He just got right from his pulled hamstring, then had a knee injury against TB(wk15). I think he will take Grimes job this year if he is healthy.
  13. Did his injury require surgery. If healthy by TC he could find his way into the rotation
  14. He's just 3lb's lighter than Babs. He could either A.(Play to his potential at DE) B(Backup Davis and Babs) or C(Add 10-20 and compete exclusively among the DT spots) . B or C seems to be the best fit for us (you cant go wrong with depth).
  15. We offered foxworth more money than baltimore and they gave him 7mil per. A hip fracture would have to be hard to practice and play thru. SD has other major priorities that trump paying cromartie.(Merriman,Rivers,LT,S.Phillips) He now has a whole offseason to heal up his hip. Give up the 3rd round pick and give a 5 year extension for 40-42mil
  16. He doesnt fit their scheme like they thought he would, and he is a UFA. Its not like Brooking is coming to start.
  17. He is underplayed in Dallas because their LB's are so deep on their team(D.Ware,Z.Thomas,G.Ellis,B.James) I hear people say he fits better as a WLB, but while watching him, I can see him as good SLB. He is a good blitzer, excells in coverage, and is a solid tackler. He is going to be a good SLB if given the opportunity. At 6-3 243 he has the size, speed, and instincts to excell in our scheme.(38tkls,2sacks,1FF with 2games started) It may take 3-5 per, but I think it will be worth it. If we were to get Burnett(4mil), F.Keiaho(WLB)(3mil)(has played all 3 positions) , Olshansky(4-5mil), and S(4
  18. They wouldnt be able to pay him and resign Vince Wilfork who's about to get paid. They could be candidates to help us trade down. They have 3 2nd round picks
  19. pursuing Shawn Merriman next season. He would be a monster DE for anybody with any scheme. It could be done with an uncapped year.
  20. FA Angelo Crowell(WLB/SLB) Tank Johnson(DT) Sean Jones(SS) Bryant McFadden(CB) Trade 3rd + 5th to Hou for a 2nd 1st: Clay Mathews (SLB) 2nd:Connor Barwin (DE/TE/LB) 2nd:Jarred Cook (TE) 4th:Jasper Brinkley (MLB) 5th:Vance Walker (DT/UT) 6th:Andrew Gardner (RT)
  21. Just ran a 4.47 unofficial. He could be a S prospect for us
  22. When Dunn went down at the end of the 1st half against TB acouple seasons ago, and Griffith got a chance to start. He racked up over 60 or 70 yards yards and showed some elusiveness. He's got great hands and is a good blocker as well. He has a base salary of 1.1 mil for 09. We should pick him up for the RB rotation and depth at FB, and ST
  23. He weighed in at 299 this week
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