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  1. His agility, and 2nd level ability in our scheme alone lessens his perceived weakness because he will on the move alot. Carp and Brown were lost in that aspect complety. Both stronger than hennesy, but absolutely hot garbage juice in our zone scheme.

    If our rushing attack can be at least middle of the pack(14th-18th, our offense will be unguardable.

  2. 14 minutes ago, gazoo said:

    Very interesting that elite pass blocking comparison to Lindstrom.

    Too many claim he's too small to play LG effectively while waiting to be moved to center once Mack is gone. This is entirely untrue.

    The best OL in the Matt Ryan era IMO was 2016 when our offence was #7 in NFL history in points scored and Ryan won MVP. 

    Our starting LG in 2016 was Andy Levitre at  6'2' and 303 lbs. 

    Matt Hennessy is 6"4" and 307 lbs. But Hennessy has a thicker, more muscular build, particularly in his lower body.  It is easy for a 300 lb player to add  5-10 pounds of weight and keep it on all season. Although Hennessy is already bigger and a little more powerful  in lower body than Levitre was, if Hennessy added 5 lbs he'd be playing at 312 lbs.  

    I believe strongly Hennessy will be the Falcons starting LG this year by no later than game 4, unless this virus screws up camp so bad he doesn't have time to learn our scheme. He's a very intelligent player, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    Matthews, Hennessy, Mack, Lindstrom and McGary looks like a very talented Oline that could end up reminiscent of 2016.


    Wow. We are on the same page. Saw your post after I hit send.

  3. Dee Ford. He has had a knee issue that held him back last year, but he is an absolute dog on the edge. San Frans #1 objective moving forward is to extend Kittle, and trading Ford seems like the only way it's possible. He was on the block prior the the draft, but SF is looking at 20mil in dead money in 2020. 21-23 season maxes out at 4mil dead money.

    We would be on the hook for 13 mill in 21 which isnt bad for what he brings on the edge or at SAM. If he proves himself not to be worth it, we can drop him with very little consequence.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Summerhill said:

    Now if you wanted to bump Gipson down to SS and keep him for insurance against Keanu Neal, that's a different story. 



    7 minutes ago, Summerhill said:

    Now if you wanted to bump Gipson down to SS and keep him for insurance against Keanu Neal, that's a different story. 

    At minimum. If Neal holds up, Gipson is a prime candidate to outplay Allen and or Kazee. I dont care if Allen is making 7mil or not. I dont see it as a good enough reason not to upgrade. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    Knowing all the going ons between the two parties down in Jax, no way would it cost a 1st. 

    Maybe a 3rd at best with knowing the position they are in it won’t be as high as one would think to take him off their hands.

    The relationship at this point is likely unfixable at this point. They will hold out as long as the can for the best price.

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