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  1. Sewell seems like the pick when u factor in short term/long term goals for the team. A new and improved scheme with Lindstrom and penei in the interior upgrades our offense a great deal year one. Mathews isn't great, but he's definitely not Sam Baker either. I expect we draft another G in the next season or so to groom which will allow us to slide PS outside without skipping a beat.. If we can go from 28th in rushing yards to at least 12-15th, we are playoff bound next season. ****, if we were 12-15th this year we would have been in the playoffs regardless of our holes.

  2. 4 hours ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

    I like him a lot. Wonder why he's been buried down the roster but Koetter's done this with Freeman as a rookie too

    Morris let it slip out that he has been  poor pass blocker.  Better coaching could improve that. He could become a pleasant surprise honestly. Still need to draft one tho

  3. 40 minutes ago, capitan said:

    Our issues are players that are playing outside their position like Marlon Davidson.  DQ wanted in to play inside...he gets hurt and we never see him play.  If he stayed at DE we would have been fine IMO.

    Same with Comminski

  4. 3 hours ago, FalconOdense said:

    Project: Dont run on us. We will run at you.

    New H/C: Arthur Smith

    New DC: Wade Phillips

    Free Agency:


    Ricardo Allen

    Allen Bailey

    James Carpenter

     - Notable Signings:
    Richard Sherman, CB - 2 years. A proven vet for the secondary


    Not much money for FA so we prioritize leadership and our secondary really needs it. That is why Sherman is brought in. He still got it.


    DRAFT :

    TRADE: Washington Football Team wants a new QB when Justin Fields fall to 4. They give up 19, 51, 74 and 83 and next years second. Great trade for the Falcons.

    Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence

    Jets: Zach Wilson

    Miami: Penei Sewell


    1. Zaven Collins, Edge, Tulsa

    ·         - Maybe the best pass rusher in the draft. We give Wade Phillips a nice weapon

    2a. Alijah Vera-Tucker, G, USC

    ·         This is not sexy but we continue to build an O line with a no ******** attitute. This completes our line

    2b Patrick Jones, DE, Pittsburgh

     - Pass rush, pass rush.. Another one, but we need a decent rotation. We will attack during 60 minutes - not just 30 minutes. 

    3a Ar'Darius Washington , Safety, TCU

     - Our new free safety. He will surprise a lot of people and get the chance to start next to Neal who gets a one year prove it deal.

    3b Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

     - big, strong corner who will compete sooner rather than later.

    3c Alim Mcneil, DT, NC State

     - Big guy we will put on the D line next to Grady. He will also you some pass rush, but he will stop the run
    4 Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma

    - Here you have your big back and he is about to hurt some people.

    5. Elijah Molden, CB, Washington

     - He will be in the rotation.

    6. Braydon Johnson, WR, Oklahoma State
     -  A prospect who needs to learn at the next level. Hopefully Allen can teach him a thing or two.



    DE: Marlon Davidson

    DT: Alim McNeil

    DE: Grady Jarrett

    OLB: Zaven Collins

    MLB: Foye Oluokun

    MLB: Deion Jones

    OLB: Dante Fowler(Patrick Jones)

    DB1: AJ Terrell

    DB2: Richard Sherman

    DB3: Kendall Sheffield

    SS: Keanu Neal

    FS: Ar'Darius Washington



    QB: Matt Ryan

    RB: Rhamondre Stevenson

    TE1: Hayden Hurst

    WR1: Julio Jones

    WR2: Calvin Ridley

    WR3: Russell Gage

    O Line: Jake Matthews, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Matt Henessy, Chris Lindstrom, Kaleb McGary

    Nice. I was working on one last night and and its scary similar to yours.

  5. I think Oliver could be a good fit at FS. Ulbrich implemented a hybrid role and he excelled in those new wrinkles. He has the prototypical size and speed for the position. He is still young and is one good coach from putting it all together I think We could trade down 4-5 spots and be in play for Farley or Surtain while getting at least a 2nd and 3rd round pick. If we were to get Surtain int the 1st and a guy like Eric Stokes in the 3rd we could truly get the secondary together.





  6. I want a winning product as much as anybody else,  but holding on to Matt because of what he has been capable of in the past is not in the best interest of the team moving forward. If he stays for two more seasons and we work on the personnel with the next two drafts, we are likely to be 9-7 or 10-6 at best. He has been iron man all these years, but how much abuse can we expected him to take after all these years? We would be good enough to barely get into the playoffs....Not a championship. No new GM and HC combo will wait 2 years to see if Matt can become the 2016 version of himself while having 0 flexibility financially. It's highly unlikely. They are coming here to carve a successful lane for the future. We ultimately should have been Super Bowl Champs in 11, and 16, but we fumbled it away. Our best chance to get back will be to tear the band-aid off and push forward with new and improved coaching and leadership leaning towards competitive football by 2023 and beyond.

  7. We only had a competent qb for 4 games. Monken has been a creative OC everywhere he has been. A full off season  for He and Daniel will do wonders for the offense. JT is a student of the game and respected for his on the field intelligence, but his injury really limited him this past offseason.We are gonna look great in 21.

    I would love to see a scenario of Pickens/Gilbert/Burton/Jackson/A.Smith at WR. Add Brock Bowers with Washington at TE, and we are hard to stop. Washington  might have been our best blocker, but he was very inconsistent as a route runner. Factor in our inadequate qb play for the first 7 games  and I understand why he was non existent. expect that to be the main thing he works on to clear up this offseason.

  8. With the Harris acquisition, I see LB as the most realistic target. Phill recently resigned Bradham, but I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on Mychael Kendricks. I would prefer an edge player, but I dont see that happening unless we trade Takk

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