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  1. I want a winning product as much as anybody else, but holding on to Matt because of what he has been capable of in the past is not in the best interest of the team moving forward. If he stays for two more seasons and we work on the personnel with the next two drafts, we are likely to be 9-7 or 10-6 at best. He has been iron man all these years, but how much abuse can we expected him to take after all these years? We would be good enough to barely get into the playoffs....Not a championship. No new GM and HC combo will wait 2 years to see if Matt can become the 2016 version of himself while ha
  2. Unfortunately, we will beat tampa by 10 and see Matt Ryan pumping his fist like we won the division. When have we not blown our draft position in this situation? I mean...It is a new year. Maybe it can be different this time around.
  3. We only had a competent qb for 4 games. Monken has been a creative OC everywhere he has been. A full off season for He and Daniel will do wonders for the offense. JT is a student of the game and respected for his on the field intelligence, but his injury really limited him this past offseason.We are gonna look great in 21. I would love to see a scenario of Pickens/Gilbert/Burton/Jackson/A.Smith at WR. Add Brock Bowers with Washington at TE, and we are hard to stop. Washington might have been our best blocker, but he was very inconsistent as a route runner. Factor in our inadequate qb pl
  4. He was set to break out last season, but broke his hand game 1 at Vandy.
  5. Gurley and Fournette for a season? It would be dope 1-2 punch. Highly unlikely, unless we can grab a DE & LB under our cap.
  6. With the Harris acquisition, I see LB as the most realistic target. Phill recently resigned Bradham, but I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on Mychael Kendricks. I would prefer an edge player, but I dont see that happening unless we trade Takk
  7. It will also be a trickle down effect to our defense if we can control t.o.p and keep them fresh. Add another LB/DE to the defense, and we could really be a pleasant surprise next year
  8. His agility, and 2nd level ability in our scheme alone lessens his perceived weakness because he will on the move alot. Carp and Brown were lost in that aspect complety. Both stronger than hennesy, but absolutely hot garbage juice in our zone scheme. If our rushing attack can be at least middle of the pack(14th-18th, our offense will be unguardable.
  9. Wow. I pray that Whitt and Morris wont limit our secondary like that. It should be multiple techniques for different situations to prevent sitting duck syndrome. If this was the case the 1st half of last season, I am gonna be pumped to see the progression this season with real developers of Secondary talent.
  10. Hennesy could be our biggest year 1 impact player out of this draft.
  11. I hope that when Mack is done here, Gono is ready to plug in and play to his potential at LG.
  12. Buck & Kinkaid just mentioned that he is up to 311. This all before any strength and conditioning. He could easily be 320 by the start of the season without sacrificing his agility, and add functional strength.
  13. He doesnt have to be a mauler. We need him to be a technician, and keep his guy in front of him.
  14. Wow. We are on the same page. Saw your post after I hit send.
  15. Getting a little stronger should be his #1 objective, but he becomes our best 2nd level blocker day 1. With our outside zone scheme and Gurley, his agility and technique will allow him to be an upgrade to Carp and Brown next season. I think his ceiling at guard is Levitre.
  16. Dee Ford. He has had a knee issue that held him back last year, but he is an absolute dog on the edge. San Frans #1 objective moving forward is to extend Kittle, and trading Ford seems like the only way it's possible. He was on the block prior the the draft, but SF is looking at 20mil in dead money in 2020. 21-23 season maxes out at 4mil dead money. We would be on the hook for 13 mill in 21 which isnt bad for what he brings on the edge or at SAM. If he proves himself not to be worth it, we can drop him with very little consequence.
  17. Im pretty sure he would take reasonable deal if it means getting the **** out of New York
  18. A At minimum. If Neal holds up, Gipson is a prime candidate to outplay Allen and or Kazee. I dont care if Allen is making 7mil or not. I dont see it as a good enough reason not to upgrade.
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