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  1. Jax: Trevor Lawrence 

    NYJ: Zack Wilson

    SF: Trey Lance

    Bellicheck gets TF on the phone ASAP!

    Offers 15/46/96/120/139/1st in 22.

    What do you do? I would say he'll yes!

    New England's game plan in FA was extremely uncharacteristic of them. All of NE's acquisitions put them in position to put it all on the table for its QB of the near future.

    15/35/46/68/96/108/120/148/182/183/187/219. We would likely use multiple late round picks to move up in the mid rounds for talent that slipped.

  2. 14 minutes ago, k-train said:

    It Fontenot can pull that off, I'd be impressed.

    I will say though... having a HC/OC who was the architect of the most potent rushing attack in the NFL over the past few years can't hurt as a bargaining chip when trying to get free agent RBs to sign here.

    I agree completely. Some players truly value fit over the money. Outside zone is right in his wheelhouse. Add Sermon or Stevensen in the 3-5th and we have something. He never had this level of QB and skill players to work with. Could be enticing for him.

  3. 1 hour ago, Jesus said:

    It's impossible to tell about Hennessy because the coaching was so bad last year. Some guys rise to the top, like Lindstrom, but with better coaching they will only get better. There was no way Henny was going to reach his potential in the Quinn regime. He's got a year in and will just get better.

    It does feel like every pundit is crazy for the QBs in this draft and ignoring other positions. Sure the top QBs had good seasons, minus the one who didn't play last year, but they also played much watered down competition in some respects. I would wager that some defensive players will rise in play and be called major steals by the pundits in a year or two. 

    I went back and looked at Hennesys college tape, and I'm convinced coach Smith has done the same. He wasn't coached up by our last regime. He is gonna take advantage Henneseys strengths and allow him to flourish. With that being said, picking up a veteran who can play both interior spots would be smart move as he acclimate to the NFL.

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