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  1. Will he be our #2 or slot guy? If healthy he could be a re-sign candidate in 2022
  2. He is a top 10 coverage safety when closer to the box. Harris could come in and match Keanu's level of play last season.
  3. Jax: Trevor Lawrence NYJ: Zach Wilson SF: Mac Jones🤯 Trade #4 to Detroit for #7/#41/2022 2nd Detroit jumps Cincy and MIA to get the best playmaker on its board (Chase). Cincy takes Pitts, and MiA pairs Tua with his former teammate (D. Smith or Waddle) We Trade #7/2022 5th to WFT for Sweat/#19/4th/2022 1st Washington gets Lance/Fields and allows him to sit behind Fitz for a season before he takes the starting role. I really don't think Sweat is off the table in a deal. They would have all but one of its picks for this draft(4th rd), and gain our 5th. Washington has
  4. He might need the Laveon Bell treatment. Drop 15 pounds, add some burst.
  5. If we were to get a TE in this draft, I hope it's Tommy Tremble! Wasn't fully used to his ability at ND because they had good TE's in Southbend. Mixture of Kyle Jusczcyk and Delani Walker. Just seems like a AS type of guy
  6. Khalil Herbert is one of the most slept on RB in the draft. Top tier vision and patience. 4.44 speed with above average hands. Only negative I see is pass pro which isn't all too bad(looked better at it during sr bowl). He is a blend of D. Freeman and Tevin Coleman. While not as shifty as Freeman, he has good cod skills. Herbert's ability to stick his foot in the ground and explode north and south is erily similar to Coleman.
  7. Something tells me he will be 3rd-early 4th guy. Simi has too many tools to make it to the 5th. GB would be a perfect fit.
  8. If only Chase Young was in this draft...🥲
  9. DE Gregory Rousseau HT 6065 WT 266 Hand 11 Arm 34 3/4 Wing 83 1/4 DE Jaelan Phillips HT 6054 WT 260 Hand 9 3/4 Arm 33 1/4 Wing 80 3/4 TE Brevin Jordan HT 6025 WT 247 Hand 9 3/4 Arm 32 7/8 Wing 79 1/4 I'm curious to see the 40 times. Phillips is going to run something crazy
  10. If they are truly interested in moving up to get a qb they deem worthy, they couldn't offer anything less than this. We would come out with a 1st next year, and we would likely consolidate some picks moving up during day 2-3. 4 starters could come out of this scenario.
  11. This is the one year I wouldn't put it past NE.
  12. Slater/Phillips/Ojulari/Farely/Darrisaw/Horne
  13. Jax: Trevor Lawrence NYJ: Zack Wilson SF: Trey Lance Bellicheck gets TF on the phone ASAP! Offers 15/46/96/120/139/1st in 22. What do you do? I would say he'll yes! New England's game plan in FA was extremely uncharacteristic of them. All of NE's acquisitions put them in position to put it all on the table for its QB of the near future. 15/35/46/68/96/108/120/148/182/183/187/219. We would likely use multiple late round picks to move up in the mid rounds for talent that slipped.
  14. Ingram would be nice. I wouldn't be surprised if Hooker is still available after the draft. I would be all for it as long as we draft a quality S, and he knows he has to earn a starting spot.
  15. Steven Nelson would be a good signing. Had a down year last season but has averaged a a pff rating of 74 the past 3 seasons. Give him a 2yr deal and put him across from Terell.
  16. I know we are limited with cap, but I feel we will end up with at least 2 more FA signings when the dust settles. Good Fits that are available: CB: Steven Nelson S: Tashaun Gipson OLB: Justin Houston DT: Daquan Jones/Jurell Casey
  17. Mid-round RB favorites Michael Carter Khalil Herbert Chuba Hubbard Kylin Hill I would really be happy with either one somewhere between the 3rd and 5th.
  18. Worth a look for sure. Could be solid across from AJ
  19. He looks to be more of a #2 at this point. We could use em for sure.
  20. Would like to see him stay healthy. He seemed to always be dinged up at UGA.
  21. Kenyan Drake just got a 2yr 11mil I'm figuring he will be in that range
  22. He had a couple down years in Minny, but had had a nice resurgence in 2020. At 30, a move to safety could preserve his talents. He would add positional flexibility)(S/CB) and a veteran presence to our young secondary.
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