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  1. I'm getting on that right now
  2. Thanks guys
  3. I see Ito as a faster Jaquizz Rodgers. If he plays up to that comparison, he will end up being our #2 RB next season
  4. I dont think McClain or Hankins will make it to June 1st without being signed. I'm more concerned with snagging a capable run defender than a big $ name who would likely be a 1 yr rental. Jay Bromely would be a guy who could fit that bill for much less. Add Kendricks with the leftover space and we are looking good.
  5. He definitely plays bigger than his size would indicate. Looks like our short yardage back with
  6. He reminds me of a bigger version of jerious Norwood
  7. Ughh... 26 and raw? I like him but I dont know about taking him in the second. 3rd is reasonable tho
  8. I can get behind moving Jones to the weakside. He would would put up even crazier numbers over there.
  9. My reasoning was Shelby (1yr) and Crawford (2yr) are on short term contracts and or coming off major injury. He is one of the most talented Dlineman in the the draft but needs a year. He would upgrade the 5T position by the time those two are on the way out
  10. Trade our 1st to Buf #53 and 56. (Point value off by 10 pts in buffalo's favor. Day 2 of the draft Atlanta trades next year's 4th round pick for M.Kendricks. He doesn't fit Philly's scheme....but he fits ours 2nd:Rasheem Green DE/DT 2nd:Nick Chubb RB 2nd:PJ Hall DT 3rd:Deadrin Senat DT 4th:Keke Coute WR 6th:Nick Bawden FB 7th:Dominick Sanders S
  11. Cool. Thought he could be a value project at TE.
  12. Does anyone think he can be converted to TE. He is 6-5 230 and has a sub 4.7. He would be an instant red zone threat with his 50/50 jumpball ability. He is also strong in traffic. Just a thought
  13. Calloway might not make it past our 3rd pick. I would definitely consider rolling the dice in the 3rd
  14. He could be a nice upgrade to depth at reasonable cost. Cap casualty due to all of the big moves recently. Bring em home!?