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  1. I would do it. Might switch Chase with Uche tho. Word is Chase has a bad attitude and it has been causing issues.
  2. Isnt Uche an edge guy? I would still grab J Houston if still available.
  3. Would you all accept J.C Jackson/Josh Uche/2nd round pick from NE?
  4. Peas is notorious for exotic blitzes. I imagine he,Foye, and Walker being moved around a lot and being allowed to go get the qb. AJ/Oliver, and Grant will be mixing it up too.
  5. Gainwell went off the board. Herbert does everything solid and could be an heir apparent to Mike Davis.
  6. As much as I like Gainwell, Herbert is the most complete RB left on the boars.
  7. Roche/Herbert/Tonga for the 5th round please!!!!
  8. 1.Michael Carter RB 2.Jabril Cox LB 3.Jordan Smith EDGE 4.Jamar Johnson S 5. Daviyon Nixon DT 6.Chris Rumph EDGE 7.Tylan Wallace WR 8.Kenny Gainwell RB 9.Tay Gowan CB 10.T. Shelvin DT Bonus: Trill Williams S/CB
  9. How would yall feel about trading down again in 3rd? Between the the two trade downs, we could trade up int the mid to late 3rd while keeping most of our original remaining picks
  10. Another guy to keep an eye on tonight would be Trill Williams. He has bulked up to 215 while maintaining sub 4.4 and 40 inch vertical. Versatile secondary player who would bring some attitude
  11. His pro day testing was a tad better than J. Adams...just sayin..lol. bring him home
  12. Can JOK be our SS. If he can, you gotta pray that he is available at 35. Peas believes in blitzing from everywhere, and JOK would be the ultimate chess piece. He has elite testing numbers for the safety position
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