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  1. why would they be distraught? lol totally missed the point there you dunce.
  2. we have yet to see you make a post that isn't just putting down other people's points of view... good to see youve made such a nice entrance to these boards
  3. Listen, you ever stop to think about alternative answers? I don't know you're maturity level, but I'll put it simply. We are dealing with human beings here. Yes, professional football players are still human beings. And in some cases that is the only issue. Peppers simply didn't want to be a Panther. He hasn't for two years now. So tell me, if you are the GM of a team and you are dealing with a player who does not want to be a member of your family (remember he turned down a leadership role... on several occasions), are you going to sign him for big bucks? Don't tell me you've never felt "what's done is done", "this isn't going to get any better", and "it's time for a fresh start". I don't necessarily believe we need him as I feel confident in both Sidbury and Beer-man. But take a step back and think about what you're saying, kid.
  4. bump, this thread needs to be seen yo
  5. Throwback. I don't think it will matter if they aren't special anymore or not because they are not a total change from our actual colours unlike Broncos or Jets. I agree with the statement that they look respectable.
  6. As long as you can cover a WR properly, does it matter if you have super speed or not?
  7. Um.. Brian Williams was cut by Jaguars.. Cuts didn't happen until Saturday?
  8. Do you know for a fact that Panthers would of had this guy anywhere near starting squad?
  9. This guy is still waiting for a white cornerback, for better or for worse...
  10. I suggest you watch some pre-season games and compare his speed to Brooking, noob. :wacko:
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