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  1. Vick played an efficient game last night because Reid finally decided to unleash McCoy.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. The Eagles embarrassed the Falcons this year. **** we could very easily lose the Packers today.
  3. It's been nice watching the cowgirls fall apart so early in the season and the schedule does'nt get any easier for them. To be honest I really cannot tell you who I'd rather see lose this week more in the Giants/cowboys game. I clearly dislike the Giants more(so I can never pull for them)and to be honest I won't count the Cowboys out just yet as it is a long season but,if they lose on monday night you can all but,stick a fork in them. Theres no excuse for the Cowboys as they've been for the most part completely healthy and managed to lose all but one of their games while the Eagles have been d
  4. Actually they beat the Eagles 14-10 in the `05 season. I honestly thought it have been a much closer game and the Eagles run defense and O-line played the best i've seen all year and the Falcons just looked like they could'nt get any kind of a rhythm going all day. It's a long season and both our teams are tied for first in their divisions. Good luck the rest of the way.
  5. It's not that i'm critical of the Falcons as they are playing very well and winning it's just that the season can take some weird turns. By the way I as an Eagles fan think that were ans 8-8/9-7 team so......hopefully I am under estimating them. We look pretty vulnerable so I'll just let things play out. Good luck but,not this weekend.
  6. Wow,the Falcons are 4-1 but,some of you guys are getting a little crazy as it's a long season. Seriously the Falcons squeaked by two pretty pathetic teams in the Browns and 49ers(at home)the past two weeks. Again a win is a win but,how are the Falcons considered dominant when the 49ers had that game and the Browns were winning until Wallace went out. The Saints was a nice win but,they look pretty much like every other team in the conference(susceptible). As much as it pains me to say this but,the Giants are really hittin on all cylinders the past two weeks.
  7. The way this season has been going(no team is an easy win). A wins a win and right now thats all any one can ask of there team. There is no clear cut favorite. Not too mention it's a long season.
  8. McCoy has definitely improved thus far from last season. As an Eagles fan our O-line scares me to death. Should be a good game(hopefully no more injuries). Is it me or does it almost always seem like the Falcons are playing the Eagles in Philly. I believe in the last 7 meeting the Eagles have been home in 5 of those losing only once in Atlanta.
  9. It's pretty much a guarentee that Kolb will be starting. Vick says he wants to play but theres a good chance he'll be out another 2 weeks as his injury is a slow healing and very painful to play with. Anyways I have no problem with Kolb as the QB except for the fact that he does'nt get the ball to DeSean(3 catches in 2 games).
  10. Actually the top three scoring offenses are the Pats/Colts/Eagles. The Falcons are 6th while the Saints are 14th.
  11. Since Micheal Lewis is hurt and not playing well why does'nt he go with Taylor Mays and get him some experience? I know he has trouble in coverage,but he can hit like a mofo and they could use him a lot like the Eagles did with Dawkins and have him hover in the run defense. Just an idea......by the way Eagles@49ers next week.
  12. Vick has also been named offensive player of the month..
  13. Very well put. I've been impressed by his play thus far and I too and holding reserve until I see him face some better defenses. Although it was against the Lions and Jags(you can add the Packers as well)he still carved those defenses up in a Brees/Manning type fashion with an added dimension(scrambling). Not too mention they were both road games. Like I said before i'm still holding reserve as it's a long season.
  14. So were the Giants after week 5 last season when they started 5-0 and we all know how that turned out. The Falcons look good,but have they separated themselves as the clear cut favorite....I'd say no. To me the NFC is wide open.
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