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  1. **** it, I am 100 % Behind a Falcons Super Bowl victory this year. Why not?
  2. IMHO He did wrong by Arthur Blank who was good to him and gave him many chances and also, I feel he did wrong by fans and the whole ball club. I have no space in my closet for Vick jerseys anymore. I am however, addicted to Matt Ryan jerseys lol!
  3. Actually, I let my dad's pit bulls chew em up. Figured it was justified. I couldn't just throw them away...I would say I had my money's worth of fun with em lol.
  4. Actually, I had 3 Vick jerseys. 1 authentic in red and a black and a white replica.
  5. Authentic: Matt Ryan (red) EQT: Matt Ryan (Red) John Abraham (red) Michael Turner (Black x2) *Steve Bartkowski (red throwback) Replica: Matt Ryan (red, white, black) Roddy White (Red) Keith Brooking (Black) * = Currently not on Falcons roster. I won the Falcons 365 1 a day giveaway (250 dollar gift card) and I have spent half of it already lol!
  6. Oh and mad props to Mr. Foxworth!!!! Way to show up and whoop ***!!!! Love ya!
  7. Hey, even Superman has bad days. We still love ya! Get it back against the ViQueens next week!!! Much love to big Abraham and the Falcons Defense. Y'all came through when we needed ya most! Also, congrats to Mr. Wire! Good job today! We need to see more of him. Oh, and the Mike Smith in the face of a Bucs player!!! :lol: awesome! Way to go Smitty and we love ya! WINNING SEASON AND MORE TO COME BABY!!!!
  8. **** YEAH! I hear that. Matt will NEVER SAY DIE. He has already proven this to us in his rookie season.
  9. **** We should wear black at home when we face all of our southern rivalries.
  10. Hey, it worked to beat up on the panties. I hope we rock the black.
  11. I don't WANT the enemy to fear RW84. I want them to underestimate him. Every corner, every game. RW84's numbers speak for themselves. Fear Roddy and Matt goes to MJ12. I think they are a deadly combo.
  12. Lol....I just read someone calling someone a dufus in another thread.
  13. Lol...this Turner hating is freakin STUPID. # 2 in the NFL!!!! Breaking Falcons records ALL OVER THE PLACE! Im behind Turner 110% personally. Would'nt trade him for A.P. or any other back in the league. All haters quit the hating. If anyone can't see MT33 is the joint and is more than on his way you need Lasik. For real, hit up the doctor and pay for them lasers.
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