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  1. Its because of playcalling and the gameplan though, go back and have a look at him in college and you will see that he has the talent to carry a team. The front office just has to give him the chance to do it...
  2. I know right, the man has 1 season and three games under his belt and we have people calling him managerial.....BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  3. Really, they have barely even opened the playbook for Ryan. Once they start letting him air it out you might change your tune. No wait, you wont, cause you are a total TROLL. Take a hike....
  4. Hill is totally mediocre, just another managerial QB at best, get pressure in the backfield, like we have not been doing, and he is a pancake. FOld him like a deck boys.
  5. Was over at Gamecenter on NFL.com and could not believe all the trash Im reading over there. Of course it is expected, since that fanbase is excited about the success of they're team so far. But please, to suggest that Matt Ryan and Shaun Hill are pretty much equals had me laughing so hard I might have busted a gut. Oh, and they also think they are going to walk away with this one. Let em think that, this is the game where we get back on track.... Falcons 24 Niners 10
  6. Ryan has no problem with arm strength, or throwing downfield to hit ROddy in stride. Its the conservative play calling by Mike Mularky. Also we throw the ball some 65% of the time on first down, so the running game has a hard time getting established because opposing defenses are stacking the box on second down.
  7. It would have been the right call if they had called one on Moss as well, I saw at least 8 times he pushed off past the 10 yard mark!!!! ANd they're inside WR was clipping our DB to free him on the outside. Thats how DB's end up on the injury report with twisted knees, sprained ankles, and other injuries. Refs literally dropped the ball, because the NFL is a business, Brady is they're golden boy, and they let Abraham get held on every play so Brady wouldnt go down on national tv again. NFL is a business, and it sucks....
  8. We just have to play mistake free football. Getting in the backfield is our biggest priority, Brady is not 100% from his injury and is slower stepping up into the pocket and at side stepping..FACT....Apply the pressure to Brady, and the timing gets all messed up. We have an awesome shot at winning in Foxboro, its gonna be hard, but this Atlanta Falcons team has the talent, and the coaching to do it...GO Falcons!
  9. I believe his hole he's been digging is at about hmmm, lets see, 405 feet! When is he gonna jump folks!?!?!?! FInd out tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!!!!!
  10. Put down the crack pipe dude, Jake Delhomme is not a great QB, and the Panthers are not a great team. You are completely rediculous...
  11. What cracks me up about this fool and the rest of the football media is the fact that the PANTIES have never had back to back winning seasons either. People seem to forget that.
  12. They're offensive line is really weak right now, zone blitz and let Abraham flush ole Delhomo out of the pocket so he gets flustered and throws even more INT'S.....If we can stuff the run, I think its going to be a long day for ole Jakey boy..... Falcons- 21 Panthers 10
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