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  1. Christ, there wasn't even enough time for them to lube us up before that drive.
  2. I wish Allen and Neal would tackle with their heads up just for once. Would be nice.
  3. Where's the play action to the new tight end? Too fancy on short yardage situations, Dirk?
  4. I still don't like them, at all, but c'est la vie and all that craic.
  5. I wouldn't take much notice to be fair. I mean, he has Cam in the top ten. He's quite clearly on crack.
  6. What's conservative play calling? More plays from the shotgun? *badum tish*
  7. It's different if the entire season is played under the same rules. Here in the UK, for example, the Premier League aims to restart the current season with God's amount of bollocks that destroys the game's integrity; that's asterisk worthy.
  8. Ugly uniform is deemed ugly, shocker. I'll call Ripley's...
  9. He may have a point, I mean if you take away the six Super Bowls and average his career out then Tom Brady is actually a total schmuck.
  10. I unashamedly love how cartoon-ish the "boink" sounds
  11. Uh huh, sure. Can't wait to see Hennessey playing in his bingo jersey.. G1, that's G1 folks.
  12. Nope, ours are still the worst. You can see our numbers from space.
  13. Did he go to the same medical school as Mr. Pepper and Julius Erving? They seem very relaxed with their admissions.
  14. They'll have a rookie QB so as per our exclusive rules we must make him look like a Hall of Famer... So no, no I don't.
  15. It'll be a grand decision until we get shafted
  16. I dunno, it would at least mean one less season of having to look at those uniforms so there's pros and cons.
  17. That you're an idiot. A dangerous one at that. It's pretty self explanatory, you highlighted it as much as I did so there's no real need for detail.
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