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  1. It's the reason I don't understand why the ability to start a new thread isn't disabled during game time. There's always an in-game thread. It's a very emotionally charged time. Fans will naturally overreact and get caught up in the moment. It's natural. The 2 dozen threads all b*tching about the same missed tackle, however, take the piss on here.
  2. Keanu Neal just needs to stand still... And catch the ball... And that's that. That pass floated like a butterfly and that FG stings like when I pee.
  3. I'm both quite happy and a tad disappointed the Falcons aren't coming here. I'll see them some day but not at the expense of these horrific games. Plus I don't wanna give Spurs or the FA any of my money to watch them.
  4. Even after watching that, I still don't really know who he is
  5. If you drink every time Collinsworth mentions the Super Bowl, you'll be drunk at 8:16.
  6. Seriously, why isn't the ability to make a new topic disabled during game time? The amount of tripe that gets posted when there's a massive in-game thread instead is ridiculous. Sort it out please someone.
  7. Guaranteed these Bucs lie down for the Panthers and Saints though
  8. Do we run it and at worst take 50 seconds off the clock or go for it and throw the ball?
  9. Goes all the way back to that drive killing holding call
  10. Someone doesn't have to have previous or a reputation in order to be capable of something bad. Just as I'm sure many fans use the reverse to defend players against negative pigeonholing. He clearly meant it. Adrenaline, bad intent, heat of the moment etc nobody knows but him but that was not an unlucky coincidence of timing that lead to that head to head hit. If any of our players did that I'd be fuming with them, who he plays for means nothing to me.
  11. Sure remember Avril trying to take out Schraeder's knee last season? Don't even recall any media even talking about that. I even think Bennett eye gouged him the same game.
  12. Nope! It's a weekly programme to be fair so they've probably gone into that before. Possibly a separate special. I'm not if sure that they do it for every Thursday night game but I think with the new stadium it was seen as a chance to be a bit more in-depth at some point. I don't often watch it as I'm not normally a fan of their coverage but just noticed this the other night.
  13. Apologies if this has already been posted. There was a Falcons special on a weekly NFL Highlights show here in the UK. Osi is one of the hosts too, for those who may not know what he's up to these days. Just a little backstage stuff before and after the game, always interesting to watch.... especially as we won!! Hope the video stays up on the link! If not let me know if it goes down and I'll try and re-upload it. Hope you guys enjoy
  14. "Thoroughly outplayed"? We had... More net yards Better redzone efficiency More sacks More average yards per pass play More average yards per run play Better third down efficiency More T.O.P. And ultimately more points...
  15. The Saints complaining about the refs is like the Russians complaining about other countries doping.