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  1. Sean Payton wearing his mask without covering his nose is like wearing trousers with your wang hanging out your zipper... defeats the purpose.
  2. The ref coming in from the far side actually gave him an extra yard originally altogether!! Then walked it in as he approached and saw the other ref. Absolute BS call
  3. New coach, same results. Morris isn't do himself any favours. He's blowing his chances as much as the defense.
  4. Another horrific offensive drive, watch them pull within seven when this ought to have been a blow out.
  5. Nevermind the divison, according to Trump we can claim that Super Bowl!! Whoop whoop!!
  6. Not even Troy McClure has an instructional video for that
  7. I reckon we completely out-Falcons ourselves and lose without playing. By, like, 50 points.
  8. What happens when you score more points than the other team? I'm not familiar with this format? Do we have to pay a fine of some sort?
  9. Things like that, from Fowler, should result in sitting on the bench a while. Make these players accountable for their bad decisions/play making.
  10. If that were given against us, I'd be fuming. I imagine it gets overturned. Oh and that we give up the first down... Sorry.
  11. 4th and 21 and I'll not be comfortable until they actually punt it AND we catch it
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