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  1. If it's in London, a 40 minute flight from me, then no offence to the team but as soon as I weigh up whether to give money to the FA or Daniel Levy then I'd have already decided not to go.
  2. If fandom to you is relevant to a team's success then I don't think sport is for you
  3. I'd say you're probably no fun at parties but I doubt you even get invited.
  4. Why can't we have nice things
  5. Small time, what a small time team they are. Taking a delay of game penalty with 2 seconds left to give them more room for a possible touchdown when they're down by 17
  6. Brace yourself, the stat padding is coming
  7. Julio has to tell Matt he didn't catch it clean and get the snap off
  8. I don't know, it would at the very least highlight some degree of accountability.
  9. He needs to stop looking like a mafia boss and start acting like one
  10. I mean, what's to stop us just rocking up to play in the Superbowl? Worst case scenario security just asks us to leave.
  11. 20-3 in the second half and you still end up losing. That's special.
  12. This is the start of a comeback that sees us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and gives Blank more room for optimism about Quinn.