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  1. Question marks, people, always finish hypotheticals with a question mark por favor.
  2. You can't win with some on here
  3. Ollison is the eBay sniper of professional football
  4. If you don't have a gimmick or a first down celebration then you must be "so so"
  5. Don't whiff on the door on the way out. Sorry, sorry, but I'm still sore.
  6. I'd guess because he's a knob
  7. Wait until the draft and get our first rounder to reveal the jersey on stage. Maximum exposure plus as it's at the end of the month the waiting will wind folk on here up
  8. Yeah, he'll go to whoever pays him the most money. Like every other player in the history of ever.
  9. Mobility isn't an aesthetic trait. Can Matt extend plays? Yes He also rushed for just one fewer first down than Rodgers this season so he can not only extend a play but drives as well. It's not about about how many yards you can run for, it's when you get them. If you want a human highlight reel, play Madden.
  10. I look at the positive that our general recruitment, coaching wise, is actually pretty good despite the bashing the front office gets.
  11. Not sure if Matt Ryan or Usain Bolt.
  12. Three turnovers from the second coming of Jesus.
  13. So is Jackson a choke artist or does that not apply to him?