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  1. When you have the choice between a kick in the balls, that's Alford, and a punch in the balls, that's Trufant, it's no real surprise.
  2. Hands up if you thought they were going to put each other on IR during that jump ball
  3. Imagine having to put up 40/50 points a week to MAYBE win a game
  4. Stop trying to rip the ball out every play and just tackle! Christ, it's not that difficult.
  5. That'd be a lot better to predict if Bosher didn't have a gimp leg for multiple seasons now
  6. Sack McKinley, have my babies, por favor
  7. Really surprised the cameraman couldn't see how broken his ankle is...
  8. Picking between Alford and Trufant is like picking whether or not I'd want kicked in the balls or punched in the balls.
  9. What do the team do on defence during practice? Watch Benny Hill re-runs?
  10. Genuinely embarrassing at this point by the defence, I hope they collect their pay cheques in sunglasses and a hooded jacket for their own sake.
  11. ** Live look-in at the defensive playbook:
  12. I could play better defence on Madden using my meat and two veg to control the game.
  13. If we lose, I will never forget or forgive that pitiful attempted tackle on Brees.
  14. Except for that last touchdown of ours of course you mean