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  1. To be fair if the Chiefs win from here I want the Brady bottle job hooked into my viens
  2. He did bottle that third and goal to be fair but choking, to me, equates to not showing up at all.
  3. Maybe he wants time off? Maybe after putting together a should be Super Bowl winning team he wants to recharge the batteries. I know sports fans are fickle but my word they're b*tchy too. Best of luck to him whatever he winds up doing next
  4. Tankathon has us picking third after the Bengals win Not that I've the site bookmarked or anything...
  5. It's one of those loses that was that close it puts the seed of "this team and coaching staff ain't bad" into Blank's head
  6. I assume Morris felt that as Terrell was touched that the touch back came into effect immediately. Kinda like how the ball only needs to break the end zone for a touchdown. Mahomes and his turtle stomach can get in the bin though.
  7. That was very nice of us to play 10 yards off all their players on that drive Too kind, Raheem
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