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  1. I'll wait until he's actually out the door. He's probably holding on to it prior to the door opening.
  2. Of course they'd say he was fine, it was the Superbowl. You're not going to give the opposition any advantage. Goff's arm could have fallen off and they'd have stuck a baseball bat and a marigold glove on the stump and not let on. Which I'm not ruling out actually happening.
  3. About an hour ago?
  4. I'm neither happy or sad about it. We're the parents who picked up the least fattest kid at fat camp on the last day. What I will say though is that with this hire we really need to hit the ground running offensively from week one; very little wiggle room for much of a learning curve for me.
  5. It's not necessarily a bad hire. Just a very "beige" one.
  6. If Kubiak is a dead end then Koetter is, like, the least fattest kid in fat camp I suppose when looking at the rest.
  7. All of your seasons broke me, Alford.
  8. A wet bag of sand would do a better job than Armstrong to be fair, the only way is up were Special Teams is concerned.
  9. And 2,545,947 penalties between them. 2,545,900 of them being Alford's.
  10. Do you think Blank will hire an OC that says "yeah I'll take the job but only if you get rid of Ryan"? His wing tip would be up their arse before they left the Branch.
  11. Glad about Armstrong, unashamedly. He really was stealing a living.