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  1. Bosher hasn't been able to kick for years
  2. It's because he's a leftie.
  3. I dunno, maybe into a home?
  4. I don't know what the craic is with Clowney, this rumour or even this thread in general but what I do know is that with the amount I've seen even the still pic that Michael Irvin will haunt my dreams now and forever.
  5. He can leave his workout with his trousers held high... I mean his head held high
  6. Who's Alford with, the Cardinals? Then they're screwed.
  7. This flow chart should help; That's bad <-----[YES]----- 'Is he Robert Alford' -----[NO]-----> That's good
  8. I'll wait until he's actually out the door. He's probably holding on to it prior to the door opening.
  9. Of course they'd say he was fine, it was the Superbowl. You're not going to give the opposition any advantage. Goff's arm could have fallen off and they'd have stuck a baseball bat and a marigold glove on the stump and not let on. Which I'm not ruling out actually happening.
  10. About an hour ago?