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  1. Explain the trade to me like I'm 5 years old, shouldn't be hard admittedly, but in terms of "we blew it" to "won the trade lawl"
  2. Hmmm, so I take it something had happened with Julio? Don't tell me! I'll figure it out
  3. So we're just shy of 50 pages all told and I haven't read a single one... What have I missed?
  4. Being from Ireland I'll be fast asleep with work early tomorrow morning but if someone could tag me with the most extreme reactions, good and bad, to our pick I'd be forever grateful I'll get mine in early!... Ffs, really?! But what's his name is still in the board!.. Troff'd!.. Somehow
  5. Kyle Shanahan thinks you throw the ball in the redzone up by 8 with less than four minutes to go in the Superbowl His opinion is garbage
  6. To be fair if the Chiefs win from here I want the Brady bottle job hooked into my viens
  7. He did bottle that third and goal to be fair but choking, to me, equates to not showing up at all.
  8. Maybe he wants time off? Maybe after putting together a should be Super Bowl winning team he wants to recharge the batteries. I know sports fans are fickle but my word they're b*tchy too. Best of luck to him whatever he winds up doing next
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