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  1. The Atlanta IHOP ought to come out with a new Avonte Maddox Pancake. That dude was flat!!! Just needed a little bit of butter and syrup...and a spoon. I don't think a fork will hold that pancake together.
  2. I'm right with ya. I too was pretty critical of him. But he was great last night. He played great. He was all over the place. So I agree. Tomorrow JD dirtybird21 will literally eat a crow...Myself. I'll be eating some fried chicken.....But I see what you mean though man.
  3. Mama say that Quinn cut TB James because his teeth were hurting him and he was just so angry he said, "Cut him loose." That's what mama says.
  4. I don't think he played a lot in the other games. Not a lot of carries. But had like a 4.0 average. That's not too bad. Not sure. I'll ahve to look.
  5. Just cause my brain is exploding does not mean that I am overthinking this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm not from Georgia, so I don't get to watch many of the games. Just wondering. What was it with Tony Brooks-James that did not even qualify him for the PS? I know his yards this past game came against backup for Jax. But his players were probably backups too. Just wondering.
  7. It's TATF. And guess what? The Falcons just signed Bryant. ............ Now. I just hope he can still do it. His injury does scare me a bit.
  8. Yeah. You ARE right about there not being like really good kicking prospects out there. Hope it gets fixed somehow though.
  9. Ain't gonna argue with you on that one. But even if not Bryant. I just think someone else needs to get gotten (Man. What a sentence). I'd love to see Tavecchio. But missing kicks in really a no-pressure situations (exhibition games). Just does not look good right now. --- Not really counting the 'replacing Bryant" pressure. And like WisFalcon said. There probably aren't a lot of great kicking pickups out there.
  10. That's why I said, "Or at least someone else" in my post. -- I know I'm not as knowledgeable as you guys there in Atlanta (I live in Dallas area). I know about his injury but I don't know the depth. So I said that maybe someone else. But Tavecchio has missed quite a bit. One of the weak links at the moment. Can you imagine playing a game and Tavecchio coming in at the last second to try and tie or win it?? I be chewing my nails.
  11. There's a joke about a guy who some reporters notice treats his lady so good and respectful. So they interview him. "What is the secret to how well yall get along???" The young groom says, "After we got married, we took our horses out to the beach to ride a little. The horse saw a hole in the beach and instead of jumping over it, he rared up and, my lady Jennifer fell off the horse. She looked at Applejack, her horse, and said, 'That's once.' -- She got back on him and we rode a bit. Applejack saw a snake and again rared up. My darling Jennifer fell off again. She looked at AJ and said, 'That'
  12. This is a funny cartoon and all. It's like, "......IMMEDIATELY!!!" Hahahhahha...and ...hahhahha!!! Yeah. -- But even the Falcons are a little worried. I am too. I don't know how bad the cap situation is. I'm not as knowledgeable about that as a lot of you are (including Falconsfan567). But if we don't get Bryant back soon. ....I'm thinking the Bears might be needing someone. Once he's gone. He's gone........IMMEDIATELY gone.
  13. Too bad we ain't got Aston back there blocking. That dude was a monster at Pitt. It was like Godzilla blocking for King Kong or something down there. Ollison does look good though. Maybe I'd like to see a little more speed. But they did mention that his speed is deceiving though. I think as long as Freeman is healthy, he has the job. But would love to see Ollison in there.
  14. Well. I saw the game today and they were playing all over the place and making tackles and playing the ball pretty good. But I agree with you. Injuries are there. They needed to be fixed. I hope like crazy that I'm wrong. But we'll have to see. Just making the playoffs is not success. You have to get what you need to go to the big one.
  15. Just watched the Atl-Washnton game. The played good. So. I hope I'm totally wrong in my post. I was wrong one time before. Hhahahhaha!! Still wished we had gotten a player or two. But we'll see.
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