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  1. Man, the thought of him joining DeAndre Hopkins and AJ Green in Arizona... ☹️
  2. Turns 39 today. All the best for a great season. GO FALCONS!!!
  3. Hope Davidson can improve this year. I don't hear much about Senat, so I hope he can make an impact this year.
  4. Agree. I think also Ryan had Harry Douglas play great and had over 1,000 yards receiving at one time. If we can get back to having a running game, I think we should be all right offensively.
  5. I know Mike Davis isn't Derrick Henry, but I hope we can get back to running the ball more.
  6. Not a play, but when I moved to Valdosta in the fall of 1998, that's when I became a fan. That season was magic. I still remember that my friends and I in high school were seeing who can do the best dirty bird dance😄
  7. I actually could go for a Dr. Pepper right about now.
  8. UDFA Q&A: Get to know Falcons OL Jack Batho IV An exclusive Q&A with the Falcons’ new offensive lineman Jack Batho IV By Evan Birchfield@EvanBirchfield May 13, 2021, 3:00pm EDT 2 Comments Share this story Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) SHAREAll sharing options We are quickly approaching rookie mini-camp, and the Atlanta Falcons have added several talented, young prospects to the roster. Some were acquired during the 2021 NFL Draft, and some were signed as undrafted rookies following its conclusion. One such undrafted rookie who has joined the Falcons is offensive lineman Jack Batho LV of the South Dakota School of Mines. The 6’8”, 308 pound Batho was a 2-time captain for the Hardrockers and spent six seasons with the team due to injury. As part of my UDFA Q&A series, I had the pleasure of speaking with Batho about his time at the School of Mines, Peyton Manning, and more! What is the South Dakota School of Mines, and how would you describe your time there? Did you receive any other offers? What made you decide to sign with the Falcons? Did you have a favorite team/player growing up? Is there a certain player you model your game after? Have you discussed what your role will be with the Falcons’ staff? What should Falcons fans know about you? Normally, this is the part where I share some game film, but I unfortunately couldn’t locate any. Speaking with Batho, the big takeaways for me is that he’s a smart guy and his size is ideal for an offensive tackle in this sceheme, even though he’s open to playing wherever he’s needed. Obviously, Batho will have to adjust to a different level of talent in the NFL, but I’m excited to see what he has to offer this summer. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/5/13/22429822/udfa-q-a-get-to-know-falcons-ol-jack-batho-iv
  9. NBC Sports Edge ranks Falcons UDFA class as #1 in the league Atlanta badly needs an infusion of young talent, and hopefully this undrafted free agent class will provide it. By Dave Choate May 12, 2021, 10:00am EDT 8 Comments Share this story Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) SHAREAll sharing options Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Atlanta will be bringing 20 undrafted free agents to camp this year, and given that much of the roster is in flux and the Falcons couldn’t rub two nickels together and start a fire in a kiln, they’ll likely end up with several of those players making the roster and practice squad. The good news for Atlanta is that they also seem to have chosen their talent wisely. That’s at least the good word from Thor Nystrom, a college football and NFL Draft analyst with SportsEdge, which you may known better as the former RotoWorld. Nystrom actually ranks Atlanta’s UDFA haul as the best in the entire NFL for 2021, The biggest names in this haul were Javian Hawkins (a 5th rounder per Nystrom’s rankings), as well as Erroll Thompson and Feleipe Franks (7th rounders), though he had 13 ranked prospects out of the list of 20. But it’s the fact that this is a class filled with interesting talent, as Nystrom says, that makes it intriguing. It’s worth remembering for Hawkins in particular that teams have been finding plenty of success recently with undrafted backs, with James Robinson, Phillip Lindsay, and Austin Ekeler meriting mention from Nystrom over the past few years. This team has generally found a spot on the roster for at least 1-2 undrafted players, with former UDFAs like Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, Matt Gono and Olamide Zaccheaus potentially set for real roles 2021. Players like Thompson, Franks (especially Franks), intriguing guard Bryce Hargrove safety Marcus Murphy likely won’t be impact players right away, but they’re landing with a team that has immediate depth concerns almost everywhere and a long-term need for talent they can develop. It would not be at all surprising if this group wound up yielding 3-5 legitimate contributors, with Hawkins seemingly having the best chance to get something approaching starter’s snaps in the near future if he can live up to his potential. Nystrom will be joining Falcoholic Live tonight to talk about the Falcons draft haul and his undrafted free agent rankings, so tune in for that if you’re interested in learning more or have questions about his rankings. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/5/12/22430328/nbc-sports-edge-ranks-falcons-udfa-class-as-1-in-the-league
  10. I was excited when we originally drafted him a while back, seeing what he did for Pitt. Hope he has that breakout season.
  11. Don't want the trade to happened, just thinking about Julio, Ridley and Pitts on the field together and seeing what Arthur Smith can do with this Offense has me excited. In the end, I just want to win. Like Tony Stark said, "Whatever It Takes".
  12. I did enjoy the super fans on stage. Favorite was the Cleveland Macho Man.
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