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  1. Ryan, Julio, Ridley and Gurley (if healthy) on the field at the same time sounds awesome. 1 yr deal is smart. Hopefully, the Oline will be improved and Dirk can get this turned around.
  2. Can't stand him as much as bill belichick, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hope he recovers.
  3. Starting to think corner will be our 1st pick and I would be good with diggs. I'm slightly more for CJ Henderson from Florida, but I wouldn't be disappointed in either.
  4. Great, now I hope we can get Kinlaw or Brown with our 1st round pick
  5. one of our 2nd round picks and a 5th. That hurts.
  6. I heard on Fox sports radio in the car, while driving and I had to pull off the road. Not a huge basketball fan, but there are a few who I admired and enjoyed watching, guys like Jordan, Shaq, Wade, Lebron, Curry and Kobe. Really enjoyed the tribute that were made on the games that were playing, especially with Trae Young and the hawks/Wizards. You will be missed Black Mamba. RIP.
  7. Defense played great, despite the bad field position they were placed in on some of the turnovers and punts, since Bosher was playing injured. Continue to play consistently and I think we can do great things this year. I haven't been this excited about our D-Line since the days of Abraham, Kerney and Babineaux.
  8. Thanks for this. Being at work, couldn't upload any gifs right now
  9. Jamal Anderson. Everybody doing the dirty bird dance that year we made a run to the Super Bowl.
  10. Bosher was awesome to tough it out, but Philly had some good field position with the punts, since Bosher wasn't able to boom those kicks like he's used to doing when healthy. Penalties didn't help as well with those field positions, but hopefully Bosher will be good to go vs. the colts.
  11. I was pulling for him. He showed flashes of being dominant but our interior D-line is looking really good. Hope he finds a team, just not the Pats or any of our NFC south rivals.
  12. Dline played great. I did notice that Beasley was getting some good pressure. He should've had two sacks, but somehow Wentz managed to complete a pass when Beasley was dragging him down and finished the game with one. Don't know if he'll come close to those numbers he put up a few years ago but I'm hoping he can continue to improve.
  13. ROFL, Didn't even noticed. He knew it was going all the way, lol.
  14. Not only with Brees' injury, Cam also don't look right so far this season as well.. After what we went thru with injuries last season, I don't feel bad at all with these teams and I hope we can capitalize on this.
  15. I think I saw a play where their tight end was jumping up for a ball and Neal blew him up. I don't know how his ribs held up after that.