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  1. A healthy Atlanta team is a Superbowl Contender - this team in my opinion has over achieved .
  2. is ineptness your definition of decimated by injuries. When your team is already ravaged by injuries , margins for error are already razor thin - has he made some bad call ? Of course but he has also been a leader and accepts accountability. Im willing to let the season play out and see how far he can take this team that has only 1 starter that has played every game on the o line. I guess every team that has Manning , Brees, or Brady on could overcome that and keep on trucking.......
  3. I have watched Kapernick come back down to earth as has Manning, Brees, and a few others . Watch the mess Seattle becomes after they start to have to do more with less AFTER Wilson gets paid. If you dont have the personnel you aint gonna win. The real question should be does Matt have the tools and ability to win if we have a middle of the road defense and a middle of the road offensive line ?? We already know he can win without a running game as he led us to the conference finals 2 years ago. Get us a coach that will gameplan according to our strengths and I think you will see a quick t
  4. you guys that were figuring the 7-9 0r 8-8 records must have been figuring in the oline would be trashed and filled with 3rd and fourth string players by week 3or 4 ?? You guys are amazing ! I guess its business as usual in the NFL for teams to overcome and exceed expectations when your o line resembles a MASH unit ?? I think with decent health we are easily at minimum a 10 - 6 team and Ryan is probably well over 70 percent on his throws.
  5. Brady would **** his pants if he had to play on a team that gets zero pressure on the qb , cant get off the filed on 3rd downs, zero run game and an oline that is currently featuring multiple 3rd and 4th stringers - Manning wouldnt have to worry about next season - his surgically repaired neck would have been snapped 4 games ago. Our only chance of winning is if Ryan can overcome a bad defense , poor oline , bad coaching and playcalling and himself making zero errors.
  6. problem is that Ryan has to be near perfect for us to win . If he throws it away and gives it to the defense to make a stop , its not gonna happen. He operates with less time which means trying to set up and look down the field means getting drilled before they can get open. We just dont have the team to overcome a weak o line, no running game, no defense and questionable play calls.
  7. lets not even discuss the flux of the o line this season due to injuries or the injuries to Roddy and Julio or the lack of a running game. Lets discuss how many wins Brady or Manning or Rodgers would have having to deal with a defense that has a good day when it only gives up 400 yards.
  8. simple thing for QB's - protect them and they flourish - some are game mangers, some are gunslingers , some can make any throw - but if you dont protect them they arent going to be consistent . Hits add up, and the result is mistakes are made. With no strong running game to fall bak on and little protection Matt has to be the guy to pull plays out of his *** in the facew of constant pressure. What we are witnessing unfortunately is a guy that is getting shellshocked .
  9. How many hits does it take to ruin a good QB ?? The OC needs to focus on running the football more to help set up the pass. Otherwise were gonna turn Ryan into Joey H.
  10. you want the ball out quicker then we should let the center throw it
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