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  1. I wonder if he took a cheap shot at TD with "we didn't have crap" I think he was and rightfully so.. Also "they don't have to make up anything" It's all in the context lol
  2. Someone gets it.. the title of the artical is self explanatory
  3. A great defense usually has a all pro at every level of the defense. DL,LB, CB or S. Its been proven time and time again
  4. Of course, I'm not saying we draft him with our 17th pick, but I would consider him in the 2nd round tho.. a very similar situation is when Bruce Carter came out. Tore his knee up and Dallas took him knowing he wouldn't play his rookie yr.
  5. If we're going to look Long term for a backer, why not jaylon Smith, if healthy he is the best LB in the draft
  6. Every prospect coming out has holes in their game. Saying that, lees has no problems engaging in blockers, it's his football strength and arm tackles that he needs to work on. He is better then ragland IMO, he makes far more splash plays. Both are good backers, but speed his lees game and that's what we're looking for.
  7. Dont do it TD, please don't do it lol
  8. Dayum.. lost a great coach, will be rooting for him next yr.
  9. I'm camp b, he's OK but definitely can be upgraded. Saying that, he isnt the biggest problem in that front 7. We still need to address this pass rush as well as our LBs. Brooks reed is most def the most Disappointing FA last yr. DE,DT,OLB
  10. it does, its an accomplishment that can never be tarnished, kinda like what you just tried to do.. I rather have those 5 rings yes ago then still be chasing our first one.
  11. you have a point, but at the same time it's pointless.Yes we gave up a lot of picks for Julio, but TD also had a chance to rectify the problem HE created by hitting on his picks after Julio. Lamar Holmes, konz, hawley we're all misses. If we hit on t hi does players nonone is talking about the Julio trade anymore.
  12. for all that, Hank had some crucial drops at the worst times. Its like they wanted to replace roddy with Hank by yrs end but he couldn't deliver nor stay healthy.
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