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  1. Finny the TD lovers dnt want to see this at all, since they still think TD is in full charge of things just cause he is in front of the camera. Smh. Im glad pioli is here to rectify some of the problems on this team
  2. Yep, bring hkm home yall.. he is falling in our lap.. trade back with the browns if we can..
  3. LB in the 2nd rd sounds like the plan to me..
  4. Nothing different, dnt let the fancy job titles fool you. Come gametime it will be quinn xalling plays, so he is our HC/DC Morris will take over for tim lewis most likely, and richard will be another part of the staff helping with the dline.
  5. I dnt think he cares when u get iver a million dollars after coming from 35-40a yr...justsayin..i kno i wouldnt
  6. Hey Mad Man, I'd hire you for my FO

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