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  1. http://www.rotoworld.com/Content/home_NFL.aspx Edmond Miles-LB-Falcons Apr. 29 - 4:15 pm et Falcons signed LB Edmond Miles, formerly of the Giants. At just 6'0/230, Miles will battle for a spot on special teams
  2. Should We Pick Him Up For An Ok Price??? I Think We Should Bring Him Hpome TD.
  3. We Fly High Jim Jones But a Falcons Remix Sub Falcons In For Ballin in one verse and use ballin than a falcon players name in the next chorus Would Be The Best Song Ever!!!!
  4. http://insideblog.easports.com/archive/200...tings-file.aspx looks like falcons will be in the 90's on madden 10.
  5. if our defense plays well than i agree because defense wins championships!!!!
  6. wow "thanks you" yea and the way you talk still does not help the fact that you are a ******. dee dee dee
  7. dude just stfu and stop using the same phrase that everyone on this board has been using for years.
  8. the ultimatum one is basically letting him develop u f'ing a**holes lol haha
  9. i personally would give him the ultimatum maybe it will make him try harder who knows?
  10. i know its just a pipedream if it really happened like this all other 31 teams would be completely dumb lol
  11. Moala Will Be A Great DT So I Think Its Good The WAy It Is
  12. 1.James Laurinitus LB Ohio State 2.sean smith CB/S utah 3.Fili Moala DT USC 4.Jared Cook TE 5.Paul Kruger Utah DE Than Just Fill Other Needs After That Do You Like THis Mock.
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