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  1. loves christmas :D

  2. LOL

    I had to see how you were surviving on our board


  3. Wow, the goal was easily surpassed and it's only been two days. and we havent even factored in the auctions yet
  4. I put up the Falcoholics post, It got some views. Which triggered TZ to post it up on the front page. Other than that, I don't know what to do Being from Canada, I dont really know any of the local radio stations or news stations from Atlanta -_-
  5. you have to enter the amount you want to donate, then log in.
  6. "Personally, I don’t donate money until I know exactly where it’s going. Others may feel differently and that’s their privilege. My point was that the people collecting the money are doing so “in honor” of something that hasn’t actually happened. I’m not saying they’re going to flush your money down the toilet, only that it’s a tad unseemly to solicit people’s money over a fine that does not exist. They should have the common sense and good taste to wait until the fine’s been officially imposed." From someone over at the Falcoholics page
  7. I posted it over at Falcoholics and it's getting some positive vibes. ****, can you actually set that up?
  8. It's hard to link to the thread, cause everytime the topic title gets updated with the new number, the link changes aswell :blink:
  9. Thanks for reading the post I put on Falcoholic, and better yet, coming by and showing your support respect.
  10. I've been repping everyone too. I ran out of my quota for the day.
  11. I was thinking it was more along the lines of, they dont let people post links on their wall. Which makes sense.
  12. I posted it on the facebook page aswell, but it just got deleted..
  13. Respect. "Attention: You have reached your quota for positive votes for the day"
  14. I donated a portion. I may add another donation later aswell