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  1. It's usually best to pitch it to the player over Twitter, linking them and explaining what an AMA is, and hpoefully, we get lucky and a player makes the jump.
  2. Well, whatever makes you feel better, but that's quite the stretch. 1.1 =/= 2
  3. Now you're just changing the context to prove your point. Posting in two decades, and posting for two decades aren't quite the same thing. He stated he's been here on and off for two decades, implying he's been here (on and off) for a minimum of 20 years. Just because I'm 1 year and a day old, doesn't make me a couple years old.
  4. Haha, I do the same thing. If I have to work on a Sunday, I record the game on my PVR, and I don't look at any websites, tv, phones and I pretend it's live when I get home. You also get to skip all commercials as an added bonus
  5. I checked out that restaurant, and it looks awesome. Thanks for the suggestions! What exactly is the Varsity? A restaurant? Also, thanks for the scoutmob suggestion. I owe you all the money it'll save me, lol. I'm in upper Quebec, but I'm just a ***** when it comes to cold. I'd love to fly down and see one game a year, but airfare and hotel is making me their *****.
  6. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since I've been around here (no one remembers me lol ), but I've been lurking, and watching! Well, This weekend I'm going to be headed to ATL for the CAR@ATL game, and I'm coming all the way from my igloo up north (it's already cold as tits here ) to enjoy your nice weather, and watch the Falcons tame the Panthers. SO, I had a couple questions, because I've never been to a game before, so I have no idea what I'm doing with myself. - Are there any benefits to arriving early/staying late pregame/postgame (possibility of getting autographs perhaps?) - What kind of
  7. I'd much prefer to move up a seed, and play the winner of the DAL/NYG game. I like our chances in that one much, much better.
  8. Doesn't Mike Perreira review questionable calls from every week? I'd like to see him justify this one
  9. I kept twitching while reading that.. Though, It's extremely accurate.
  10. You must be a blast at all the parties you get invited to.
  11. Ya'll really think it's boxxy? LMMFBO! SOOOO HOT! WANT TO TOUCH THE HINEY!!

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