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  1. Ya'll really think it's boxxy? LMMFBO! SOOOO HOT! WANT TO TOUCH THE HINEY!!

  2. You's trollin!

  3. Boxxy a fan of Atlanta?! Or Buffalo?!

  4. That tattoo is fantastic.

  5. loves christmas :D

  6. Really? That's too bad.

  7. If you've got Madden let me know, I'll own you. :)

  8. LOL

    I had to see how you were surviving on our board


  9. Heyyy boxxy, I see you eye balling my profile! :D dont be shy? J/p

  10. Cute avatar, gives me a chuckle every time I see it.

  11. preciate the support.

  12. not the response i was kind of expecting lol "hi" with a smiley but i'll work with it. Do you attend college?

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