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  1. I actually dont think it was improvised 100%, i could be wrong but i know koetter likes to have his tight ends/running backs leak out if they're intially in to pass protect that way instead of a stationary checkdown option you have a man receiving the ball in space,see also his pick screens in contrast to Mularkey stationary throw Roddy White the ball behind the LOS Vairiety. This is what i like about koetter it's not just the shift in style or playcalling or those larger things,it's the little things and attention to detail in getting players in a position to be able to make plays that mulark
  2. This links in to what i see as being the biggest weakness for the saints coaches,they sometimes seem to lack the right instincts for when to change things up, see also running ingram on the final drive when he had been largely ineffective and is in his first nfl game,lets be honest pierre thomas isnt the worst short yardage runner in the world. Not that im saying Payton/Williams are bad coaches,far from it they're two of the best schemers/gameplanners out there its when they have to tear things up from the script that i think they can be very hit or miss.
  3. But hold on a second they have the positively unbeatable Roberto Garza at center, although i will give them this they have improved their o-line in the sense that Frank Omiyale is no longer a starting tackle. I'll just let those stellar names sink in for a second.
  4. Yes because as we all know it is entirely impossible to win a superbowl without winning the division, but let me guess those giants,steelers and packers wins were all part of some fiendish conspiracy.
  5. And some love for the guy who essentially launched dubstep as an art form/music genre into respectability.
  6. Some Dubstep/pop/at times folk for you And after seeing him live i can honestly say i've been to many clubs/gigs and somehow in an open field the bass on his songs was of the mind blowing variety i've never heard anything like it. But that doesnt really come through on the recorded tracks.
  7. http://graphics.eiu.com/PDF/Democracy_Index_2010_web.pdf, Just to prove that this is neither a canada is awesome thing(in reality the scandavians are better and have been for a few years) and america is not the only country with issues (see United Kingdom or if we all want to feel better the Italians). But i must disagree as money whilst being both a cause and a symptom, is also part of the greater problem of the entire nature of the political systems in and im using the two most familiar examples to me of the U.K and the U.S. In both these countries the problem is as i see it two fold first
  8. I think,and feel free to disagree entirely with me on this you are confusing the statement and moral or ideological objections of the average man with the underlying nature of the human condition. This requires of course the acceptance of certain objective statements, in particular that morality is in essence a social contruct and not a natural occurence. Or as Hobbes would put it "the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called Warre; and such a warre, as is of every man, against every man" which is to say ,in the context of your q
  9. More than the playcalling or the box score,this is more, about for me, assessing in a game situation players like peria jerry,harry douglas and kerry meier to see where they are physically. Also im somewhat curious to see rodgers in pass protection because i really feel that's where snelling has the advantage over him.
  10. you know some of us genuinely have no reasonable way of watching these games, but maybe you were being sarcastic, i hope. Back to the original poster that site is indeed gold and thank you for your public service.
  11. Whilst roddy is a legitimate top 5 talent that very few quarterbacks have,the rest is not as great as it may seem to you.As much as i like gonzalez he's not the elite player he once was, dont get me wrong he's still probably a top 10 tight end who can get you first downs buthe cant strech the field like he used to. And as good as turner is in todays nfl its more about your running backs as a group and turner and snelling alone provide mostly 1 dimension for us and the rest our receiving core whilst solid do limit our offensive capabilities i mean once ryan has to look beyond 20 yards he has e
  12. To me thats still a gamble,especially when he is the number 1 big play threat, also with roddy as much as i love what he brings his game is more physical than mental or technical and whilst guys have been productive recievers into their mid 30's to remain an elite threat as a number 1 is not something that i would like my gm to count on,also i think that Julio's combination of size,speed and aggression fit the blueprint for our style of play too much for us to ignore.
  13. Thing is we do,not just right now but as has been eluded to roddy white whilst not over the hill is by no means a spring chicken and i dont think we ever want to be in a situation were we have to rely on someone to come in and have to be an elite number 1 receiver as a rookie on a playoff team, so basicly we saw a combination of oppurtunity and talent that fits our system that may not come along again and decided to take our chance now.
  14. problem is theres no way of knowing what kind of rules free agency is going to be operated under so whilst a guy like jackson would be nice,its not a gamble you can take if you want to win this year aswell as down the line,in a normal year by the time the draft rolled around we would have known whether atlanta was targeting any of those guys. I think the same thing could be said about the virtues of deangelo williams versus mark ingram, in a normal year i would rather have williams this year take ingram. Also in all honesty you're just throwing out names for the sake of it towards the end ther
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