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  1. They both can fly so I just put them together.
  2. That sucks...I wonder which is the following safest Transportation to take. 1. Trains 2. Vehicles 3. Airplanes/choppers
  3. Yeah, hopefully Smith will not let that happen.
  4. Its nothing bad but I liked the falcons to play the underdawg role.
  5. Am I the only one getting sick of it? I liked it better when they trashed us because we was the underdogs, now.....their all up on our jock strap, making us look highly overrated
  6. Cloverfield was the **** imo, to short but it was the ****...loved the whole POV view.
  7. The Braves have no offense, our starting pictures can't win games when our Sh!tty offense can't produce any runs...oh and they can't win when our bullpen gives up.
  8. If the Braves don't make no money and starts losing money, they will be forced to move...since nobody in GA gives a F*ck about baseball anymore.
  9. You hardly never see good drivers anymore, people are way to un-patient
  10. I heard that Georgia was ranked high in road rage, in this country....I didn't remember which number but It was pretty high lol.
  11. It's shame to see the Braves are not selling out seats, if it keeps getting bad, The Braves may have no other choice but move out of GA.
  12. Not the ones I witness, I seen some that kept going at stop signs, even seen some that was going on a one way street going towards coming cars. I remember back in 2007, I was at a 3 way stop sign, It was my time to go, this illegal didn't stop at all and ram right into me...pissed me off.
  13. I would say illegals or people that doesn't read English, would be #3.
  14. Cell phones are like the #2 cause of car wrecks, women are #1.
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