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  1. I wasn't terribly impressed after the 1st half by GB. The Eagles defense was horrible, couldn't stop them on third down. GB defense is good, but the Eagles ran the ball only 13 times with a RB, and Vick didn't look anywhere near 100% running. GB still couldn't run the clock out in the 4th and had a good shot at giving that one away.

  2. For years I watched receivers cross the Falcons secondary unimpeded. Other teams had hitters- Lott, Tatum, Dawkins- the entire Eagles secondary for a couple years. They LIT UP receivers.

    We finally get a guy who makes one hit... and they change the rules. Very suspicious.

    Might as well rebuild Atlanta-Fulton county.

  3. The game and players have changed in all aspects from when I started watching, over 30 years ago. The players are bigger, faster, stronger and train all year, the schemes are more complicated, and yeah the players are stars and celebrities. The equipment is different- protects the hitter more than ever- do you think guys in leather helmets lead with their heads? They have to do something or these guys are going to continue to be brain damaged or worse. I dont want to watch guys get carted off the field every week.

  4. Congratulations to the Aints - they will always be that to me!

    Their fans will be total a-holes from now on, but what ya gonna do?

    Things change quickly in the NFL, free agency, draft, injuries. They'll be tough, but they're not invincible, we played them pretty good twice this year. The D is still our biggest concern.

    So begins the worst part of the year...

  5. I went on one of the Skins forums to see what their take was.

    This guy responding to the quote gets it, others dont- think its dumb for us to pay his fine!


    Originally Posted by budw38

    LOL !! Are the Falcons paying coach smith min. wage ??? Just curious , would any of you " donate " to " pay for Vinny " if he were fined for something ... I sure as **** wouldn't


    I picked, but really what does it say about: fan base, attitude, ownership, and overall team health that one fan base is ponying up money to show their support for their coach and team, while another is ponying up money to put on a public display designed to embarrass the owner and franchise.

    I know I've never been more embarrassed as a fan, both because of our owner, but also, and even more so, because of the fans who think that riding a media frenzy against our team somehow does anything other than add to the media embarrassment our team already is.

  6. I love how opposing teams come with the same line every week - our team played terrible, that's why Falcons won or almost won. Uh, maybe the Falcons have something to do with your team playing horrible. Loved seeing Brees getting jacked a couple times and a strip with a minute left. Love the fight in this team. We are missing a few pieces but may still make the playoffs this year.

  7. Post award for most incongruous use of caps. I mean, caps ARE supposed TO draw attention to something important, right?

    Besides THAT, his points are valid-assume you can shut down THE run, done. Cover Roddy. NO problem. Cover Gonzo. Easy. Cover everybody else. Done. He IS right, might as well not show up ON sunday.

  8. My only interest in Vick now is vague curiousity to see how he comes back from such a layoff.

    But, I'm glad he went to the eagles, and hope he does well enough to screw up their chemisty.


    RE: ETN Game thread


    8/28/2009 12:09 AM

    So McNabb was not happy with the QB shuffle that he lobbied for in the first place?

    This makes a lot of sense.


    RE: ETN Game thread


    8/28/2009 3:54 AM

    That implies that McNabb really was on board with this in the first place. I've never been certain his supposed invlovement wasn't some kind of PR job. I mean, why would he want Vick on the roster? I was at the game tonight and people started chanting his name almost as soon as McNabb started screwing up. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a real healthy move towards team unity.

    Of course, given what went on tonight, team unity is the least of their problems.


    RE: ETN Game thread


    8/28/2009 8:02 AM

    Oh, man. What a night.

    I agree with most of what Seth was blogging.

    - While it's unfortunate McNabb decided to ***** about Vick's snaps during the game to sideline reporter Dave Spadaro, on camera to Marty Morningwood, and after the game to the media, he was right. That said, bitching about it during a pre-season game the first time Vick is able to play...probably not the best move.

    One thing I didn't really consider that much before is McNabb running when he's split out is probably not the bets idea. He gets winded after a scramble and I don't want him throwing up in the first quarter of games so Vick toss a shovel pass.

    - The best Vick play they ran last night was with him lined up wide left with the hand-off right and fake screen left ot Vick. The camera and a few player on D all flinched on a good fake from McNabb (Vick could have sold it a little better). All in all, though, you got a glimpse of the potential and a glimpse of the potential downside. I know it's just preseason, but McNabb is totally correct in saying the offense cannot start running these plays before they are in a groove.

  9. sometimes I regret coming on this board.

    FROm Peter King:

    Detroit Lions Stats of the Week

    In Detroit, 53 percent of the people who really count did not go 0-16.

    As of Friday morning, 42 of the 81 players in Lions' training camp were new to the team in 2009. Eleven of the 19 coaches were not with the team in 2008. So 53 of the 100 players and coaches just give you a blank stare when you say, "Does this team have a hangover from going 0-16?'' Because they weren't around for it.


    Lions record in their last five preseason games: 5-0.

    Lions record in their last 17 regular-season games: 0-17.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...l#ixzz0OSAx9oJf

  10. Just so you know, there are some knowledgeable iggles fans on this board:

    700 level

    they are not afraid of some friendly banter either. looks like they want Reid fired!

    The Eagles, at 3-3, are remarkably right back in the NFC race.

    On paper yes...

    Possible yes....

    Gonna happen....



    RE: What we think we know at the bye


    10/14/2008 10:16 PM





    You get Westy back.. Curtis might be back.. Brown is Brown...

    This schedule has get you to believe again and serious let down at the end...


    RE: What we think we know at the bye


    10/14/2008 10:43 PM

    They could easily lose all four of those games and I wouldn't be surprised.

    I don't think that WILL happen, but if it did...

    Someone said on here previously they were tempted to hope the Eagles would start losing just to get Banner and Reid out of here, and I have to say...

    Welcome to the Dark Side.

    I'm right there with you Darth

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