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  1. I went on one of the Skins forums to see what their take was.

    This guy responding to the quote gets it, others dont- think its dumb for us to pay his fine!


    Originally Posted by budw38

    LOL !! Are the Falcons paying coach smith min. wage ??? Just curious , would any of you " donate " to " pay for Vinny " if he were fined for something ... I sure as **** wouldn't


    I picked, but really what does it say about: fan base, attitude, ownership, and overall team health that one fan base is ponying up money to show their support for their coach and team, while another is ponying up money to put on a public display designed to embarrass the owner and franchise.

    I know I've never been more embarrassed as a fan, both because of our owner, but also, and even more so, because of the fans who think that riding a media frenzy against our team somehow does anything other than add to the media embarrassment our team already is.

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