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  1. Blank says Vick’s garbage-time performance didn’t leave a “good taste” Posted by Mike Florio on September 18, 2011, 8:28 AM EDT Getty Images On Friday, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Falcons owner Arthur Blank wasn’t pleased with the Eagles’ decision to insert quarterback Mike Vick into the last meeting between the two teams, when Philly was comfortably ahead of the home team. Vick led the Eagles to a garbage-time touchdown, which thrilled the remaining Falcons fans who still had warm and fuzzy feelings for Vick. Appearing recently on NBC SportsTalk (VERSUS, 6:00 p.m. ET), Arthur
  2. Who is Matt Ryan??? The only time he travels South of the Perimeter is to the GA Dome or the Airport......He's an absentee, wannabee SuperStar. I forgot, he's the North Atlanta QB..........
  3. PETA screwed the Falcons!!!! Dogfighting??? you got to be kidding me. Dogfighters still fight in Cumming, Macon, and Grayson every weekend.....has anyone been arrested lately because of it - LOL..... Artie jumped off the bandwagon when Vick couldn't make him any money anymore.....typical! Artie was forcing Vick not to play to sabotage Reeves and has settled out-of-court sexual harrasment case (poor Stephanie). Artie is no Saint himself!!!
  4. cause he's won playoff games and the ice has melted during his chances......
  5. NFCS - Tampa Bay NFCN - Green Bay Packers NFCE - Philadelphia Eagles NFCW - San Francisco 49ers NFCWC - New Orleans Saints NFCWC - Chicago Bears AFCW - Oakland Raiders AFCS - Indianapolis Colts AFCE - New England Patriots AFCN - Baltimore Ravens AFCWC - San Diego Chargers AFCWC - New York Jets
  6. Yep, if anyone knows, it would be you.......
  7. Anything relating to Vick brings out the 'KLAN' everytime....don't you all have some crosses to burn?
  8. 'If' I would have all 6 lottery numbers, I would have won the lotto...... Vick can get out the bed and be great, Ryan has to work 100 times more than anyone else just to be above average.......it is what it is.
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