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  1. 5 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    Now that we have settled in and the dust has cleared - thought it would be a good time to go back and re-visit Terry Fontenot's philosophy in general and - more specifically - his draft day trade w/ Denver.

    Falcons Traded:  #2-035 and #6-219

    Denver Traded:   #2-040 and #4-114

    I loved this trade for Falcons


    Denver Side:  Denver likes the trade because they got a potentially great Running Back there in Javonte Williams.   I like the trade for Denver as Williams could end up being the best RB in this draft - I probably have him RB#2 behind only Najee.   Of course Javonte ended up going RB#3 behind the home-run hitter Travis Etienne as well.


    Falcons Side:    I believe it was obvious that Richie Grant was "their guy".  Who knows if they liked Travis Moerhig or not but we know the Falcons preferred Grant as he Moerhig was available and we passed over - Moerhig had some injury concerns as well.   I actually believe Grant a more well-rounded safety who can play multiple positions and better tackler and tougher as well.   What I love about FONTENOT here was he was probably mostly locked in on Grant but he felt he could move down a few spots and pick up value and so that's what he did.   We all know Dimitroff wouldn't have done that.    Dimitroff would have said "we loved 'Player X' and couldn't believe he fell that far" and there would have been no trade down.

    Results of trade:

    Falcons Players:   Richie Grant(projected starting SS) + Drew Dalman(projected starting C/OG)

    Denver Players:    Javonte Williams (projected starting RB) + Seth Williams (depth WR/Auburn who could develop)  - I actually like the long-term potential of Seth Williams


    Regardless of how Grant and Dalman pan out, I liked the move as Grant was gonna be the pick regardless - so regardless of the results - the GM ingenuity and willingness to take a small risk to create more draft value was really good.    If Grant and Dalman pan out then the actual results of the trade will be fantastic as well.

    Some critics of the trade may say - "yeah but Javonte Williams is a bonafide stud and we should have taken him" - I would retort that RBs have such short shelf lives and giving them 2nd contracts are not adviseable as we have seen time after time after time.  I liked the Mike Davis signing on the cheap and the UDFAs - Hawkins and Huntley - bet we get some production out of those guys.    Get the offensive line right and there will always be RBs available that can thrive - you don't need a STAR RB to be successful in the NFL - you just need a competant running game and you need to be able to run the ball.

    Both Grant and Dalman are also at positions where you can have 10 years + of success in the NFL as generally good players at those positions can have long careers.

    We also know that Fontenot never shut the door on moving down from #4 - however, he wanted a lot for the pick because he knew the value of Kyle Pitts and he knew a move down would likely mean losing the player.   He probably would have made the move had he gotten a Godfather offer like the one the Dolphins got - but he never did - liked the move standing pat there and taking the best non-QB in the draft.

    Cheers to you Terry Fontenot - long way to go but I like the way you think!

    Nice analysis. Back doesnt have to be all world for this system. We picked up some decent options in free agency and the draft.  Its a passing league there is a lot of value in stopping the pass and giving ice time.

  2. 48 minutes ago, Macintez said:

    I’ve made a judgement on Oliver. Stats aren’t much different from AJ, but when it comes to situational football he gave up big, sometimes game winning plays. I know this because I thought Oliver was going to be a star; He had all the measurables and physical tools. AJ Terrell had the impact that I thought Oliver would have; That’s how high I was on Oliver. So I’ve watched his development closely. Whenever the opposing offense needed a big play they attack Oliver. He played better towards the end of the season but it wasn’t THAT much better. I just hope he continues to improve.

    I will look at it like this. AJ looks like he will be a good one a lot was without pass rush and without safety help. Oliver prob needed a little more help when tested deep. Hopefully grant can help.

    If we fix the system he should be fine.

    I am rooting for Sheffield. He was close on a lot of plays just didnt make any. Then on other plays it looked like he was abused.

    Fix the system 

  3. 56 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

    And just like that, I'm rooting for the Cowboys for a week. 😄

    They still have mccarthy as head coach and Dak at qb. Zeke with fumbling issues. That team is a mess. On both sides of the ball coaching. They have a lot of talent though

  4. 16 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Ya know, last year I was comparing Tru and AJ rookie years. The entire time I was thinking Trufant rarely got tested. By that I mean in terms off Nnamdi before Philly. Come to find out Tru was tested alot but he batted down alot of balls those first 3 years. Then the injury happened and he was never the same player after that. 

    Yeah tru was at elite level before he got hurt. A lot of people forget.

  5. 3 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Surprisingly he only gave up 68 more yards after the catch than Terrell last season and only gave up 745 yards and 7 td's to Terrell's 936 and 6 td's. 8.3 ypt to 8.8 ypt as well. Lower miss tackle percentage too. 6 pd to 7 pd. 

    The biggest differences between the 2 is Oliver was a penalty machine. Eye test says that Oliver isn't that good but his numbers say otherwise. He's a hard one to make a judgement on. I know some guys thrive more inside than they do outside. 


    2 hours ago, Herr Doktor said:

    I think J hit the nail on the head.  He's a hard guy to gauge.  Im pulling for him though.  He still has time to cement a place for himself in this defense.  

    Agreed. Corner is tough and you get labeled and crucified real quick. Im glad AJ started well. At one time trufant was thought of as a top 3 corner, fans turned on him real quick.

    You are safer as a Wr that drops passes than a corner who gets beat.

    Corners need a lot more going for them to be successful in today's nfl. Grant can make a difference.

  6. 1 hour ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Yeah I agree. As cliche' as it is, coaching is the biggest reason the team finish with the record they finished with. Both sides of the ball but mostly defense. I can point to 4-5 games that the defense lost. Combo of play calling and lack of execution. I expect different with the new staff based solely on past credentials. I never had that feeling with Quinn because he always seemed to inherit everything that he had

    Yeah quinn fooled me i didnt dig deep enough. I knew when shanny left our chances dropped down to less than negative 5 percent.

    That offense saved our defense. 

  7. 1 hour ago, DonOfThemBirds said:

    I'm not sure many realize how a player like Richie Grant could change the secondary and defense altogether.


    Grant is so versatile. He is one of those safeties that can do a lot like a Tyran Mathieu, Malcolm Jenkins, or Budda Baker. Once he gets settled into the game at the next level, we'll see how much of a difference maker he can be.

    Yeah i saw that comparison and nearly jumped out my seat. That type of coverage and playmaking ability will help whatever rush we have so much.

    We havent had that in forever.  

  8. 11 minutes ago, falcndave said:

    I can't explain how badly I would hate this if I still lived in Atlanta and was still a STH. I LOVED going to home games, even when times were blah. 

    Yeah its not fair to fans at home nor the team. But the nfl has to make that money. Id rather go to mexico. At least its the same continent.  

  9. 7 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

    Man the NFL really loves having us play the Eagles in either Week 1 or Week 2 whenever we have them on our schedule. Cant blame them though, our games against them are usually intense. 

    Id rather play them now compared to those trotter, dawkins, runyan, westbrook, Vincent,and mcnabb years haha. Use to give me nightmares. We could not run on trotter.

  10. 33 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

    He had his chance to say JJ will not be traded and he choose not to. Still doesn’t mean he will be traded .....but only a fool wouldn’t listen to offers.

    Pass rush is my biggest concern on defense. A decent pass rush could be the difference piece of poop or sitting at home. 

    Bill Belicheck  values coverage over pass rush. If we can cover we can get there. Big if though. Secondary got some new interesting peices.

    We know debo can cover the middle and backs out the back field.

  11. 3 hours ago, Knight of God said:

    I grew up an Army brat, but we settled in Augusta Ga in 1989. I moved to Va in 2016. I've been a Bama fan since I was 6...in either 81 or 82. I didnt watch much pro football until 1989. 


    3 hours ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

    Awesome.  We're fellow army brats buddy.  My dad like the Browns so I would watch them & developed a love for the NFL.  Then he retired in GA & I gradually became a GA sports guy including college.  

    Grew up a brat as well. Watched nfl gms in Germany, you know they showed random gms. Came to Georgia in 97. The year before the dirty bird and the super bowl.

    Its why i never really had a college team.


  12. 1 minute ago, THEHEADCOACH said:

    When Kyle was here, Ryan almost always had a out, somewhere to go with the ball, if he had time to throw. He checked through his reads, if nothing , he almost always had a back running open to check down to or even a lane for him to run for some yards and get down. One thing I hope to see again. The Rbs were usually on the move, so they got nice gains.


    Thats huge because he is not as mobile anymore.

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