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  1. I almost started on options but then got nervous and decided not to 🤣. This was bout a year ago.
  2. Article lost all credibility when they called him the slot corner. Its nickel.
  3. The jet and the steeler years were a blur forgot all about that.
  4. He was fine last year im not worried. We have a scheme now. People dont even talk about sanu anymore people were scared gage wouldnt produce. Where are they now?
  5. He played earlier when mack was hurt and it wasnt great although it was his 1st start and dirk didnt help. He was rag dolled a few times. Playcalling was better in chiefs gm and he looked better to me.
  6. Who still talks about vick? Whats worse those missing vick or those talking about others missing vick?
  7. Yes. Ridlely beat people on effort alone not scheme. People dont want to say he is elite but i will.
  8. His mind is clearly team they keep asking if he gravitates towards the line. I dont know why they keep running into a wall. Smith hasnt broken from the message yet.
  9. Hes not even 30 yet you dont think he can change 🤣? I get it though you seem like a show me 1st guy. Even with the ints hes got a better team and coach around him than he did in Tampa. Saints are loaded.
  10. Eh. Look who his OC and head coach was for most of his career. It was dirk. You saw the imagination and what he created here. Im leary of him, Winston always gave us problems, Brees was a game manager at this point in his career they would have been more deadly with hill or winston playing. They had everything else.
  11. They've become not so random.
  12. If so Grant is really struggling or Harris really upped his gm. Grant was highly touted coming out. I will be surprised.
  13. Worth a top 10 fantasy pick? If they feed him i think in ppr style leagues he will pay dividends.
  14. People laugh but DLED is getting better compared to what others are putting out. Or they are getting worse 🤣 I bet he cant wait for the season to start.
  15. Has to be. Lazy journalism you have to move on they suck.
  16. You already said it but its the system bro. If you have players but no system its hopeless. I believe we will have a system.
  17. Haha for real. Makes me think about people being made about julio coming out of plays. If the scheme was line up and beat your man you had to give it everything. He was already injured. It was effortless in 16 . I cant be mad at the guy.
  18. The scheme killed julios production. He ate in 16. Just want erase dirk from my memory.
  19. He doesnt take kill shots either. Dont have to be a hero just make your plates when you are suppose to.
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