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  1. I think the packers beat who ever comes out this gm. Would be surprised if not.
  2. I really hate the saints but cant get over the super bowl plus all the rings brady has. I can never cheer for him. Not to mention the super team the assembled . Come to our division and just bring all your friends? Nah
  3. I mean i can see how people can be on both sides of the fence for this gm.
  4. Man they have looked good all year. They are bullies.
  5. Wish i could find my guy that said saints more lethal with brees rather than hill. Brees is the weak link.
  6. Cool. I just know people sh@t on morris but ulbrich was the golden child. Just never understood.
  7. Whaaaaaat??? No Ulbrich? Folks her love him and credit him for the improvement.
  8. This true but if a top 10 qb bust is that not a lager impact than other positions drafted around the same time or pick? Mahommes might be the only one in a while that was drafted top 15 and won it.
  9. Ummm i on no way shape or form said i wanted to ride into the sunset with matt. We can still win with him, he just isnt capable of carrying the team. You say lock up a qb for the future but you also dont know if it will pan out. Qbs bust all the time. You can build the team and find a guy that doesn't have to be put of this world to win. A house is only as strong as its foundation.
  10. Im fine with matt for another year or so. Who ever we bring in at qb wont help next year.
  11. If the qb is not generational i would not pull the trigger at 4.
  12. Eagles won the super bowl without a franchise qb. Brees is not carrying that team they are a monster. Look at what happened to Lamar last night. Mahommes did it but i will say that. Wilson just got knocked out he was carrying his team. Rogers is really good but he is definitely not doing it by himself. Ice can still be a game manager for the next couple of years.
  13. Best player available outside of qb. Make the team carry the qb not the other way around.
  14. I hope not. We drafted 2 1st rounders last year. Find some guys later in the draft. I think he will keep Gono.
  15. Think you are looking to deep. Smiths builds around strengths and deception
  16. I think people are getting stuck on it needing it to be a big back. We did it with free and coleman in 16.
  17. Nah man we need a solid offensive guy running the show. Had too many issues with change and consistancy. Before you know it we would be looking for a OC again. Decent run game and productive offense covers a lot of warts. See 2016.
  18. Well he hired Lefluer so maybe that will save him. They will need at least 3 years though.
  19. Thats probably the best move he could have made.
  20. Man if you can find a generational back that can carry the team pull the trigger. A good rb makes everyone else's job easier.
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