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  1. 10 minutes ago, A Dog Named Brian said:

    Eh, I wouldn’t mind a vet corner. Dude is sharp and can provide some valuable knowledge to the young dudes. Wouldn’t hate it either way 

    Be like having schaub here again for nothing. If you have a decent coaching staff you dont need the vet presence. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Herr Doktor said:

    I wish more kids got this kind of training from am early age.  Schools need heavy financial literacy classes to stem this socialist craziness kids embrace now.  Be ruggedly independent,not dependent on someone else.  I wish I had had more in depth training at a younger age.

    So true. They dont want you to learn it. I got in to stocks and investing late, my son is 4 this month i started an account for him a year ago.

    We should be able to enjoy life without working ourselves to death.

    A lot of stuff we learn in grade school is meaningless. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    Hooper wasn't a great example but it doesn’t mean Ridley or Julio opening for others. Matt Ryan is one of the top QB to go beyond first or second read. In 2020, Ryan went beyond his first read at much higher percent than guys like Josh Allen, Tannehill. IIRC Ryan and Brady were with in a percent on targeting options beyond first read. 

    I think biggest factor I miss in Hooper is under pressure or on Third downs, he would change his routes to help Ryan out with finding spaces. Hooper didn’t really develop this until 2018. Hopefully Pitts and Hurst build that quickly.

    Eh we see hooper a lot differently. I respect your opinion.

  4. I get what you guys are saying but in recent history it wasnt just matt. We couldnt run the ball, julio and rid open it up for everyone else. You are gonna eat here.

    Hooper went to a running team and father time has caught up sanu. Matt gets the ball there but there are a lot more factors.

    If you dont see it you are choosing not to.

    We also couldnt stop anyone past few seasons.

  5. 3 minutes ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

    And that is an excellent way to handle it.  It has the effect of challenging the media to think about their questions beforehand & better their craft.  Sometimes I like Dleds questions which is what confounds me.  Most of the time he interjects his personal feelings & it doesn’t end well for him.  He needs to step up his professionalism.  The AJC is to blame because nobody there holds their reporters to a higher standard it seems.  Ledbetter should have been replaced years ago for years of sub par work.  But I think he’s capable of it tbh.

    Yeah man they have time to think about their questions and be ready. I would have 15 to 20 ready just incase someone ask something simular...... i thank dled cause he didnt ask a julio question... like why are they still asking that? Hes not gonn give you anything.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Jesus said:

    Also they came in here knowing that these guys weren't coached well the last few years. Crack down and get them in line. It won't be hard. Even these athletes are pros.

    For real. Looking at it from the end its madness to see the success we had with the lack of discipline the team had.

    It just amplifies what the offensive coordinator did in 16.  

  7. 5 minutes ago, PointSwayzee said:

    The Falcons have done this exactly 1 time in the entire franchise history. That year they were the 8th best in NFL history...but sure be disappointed.

    Im referencing the offensive minded head coach we haven't had in forever thats suppose to know what he is doing but sure go off.

  8. He was a back up because he played behind cmc. The guy is legit. If we get the system and play calling go he can feast. Smith has a well above average cupboard of offensive talent. 

    I will be extremely disappointed is we dont average at least 30 points a gm.

  9. 3 hours ago, Rings said:

    Imo a second isn’t worth taking the dead money hit.  Call his bluff if that’s the case.  Hate sounded like a broken record but Sanu and Hurst garnered a second round pick, even with the contract (that we eat a lot of), Julio for a first makes sense.  I mean, Orlando Brown is a solid to good tackle and got a first.

    True that, sanu shouldnt have been a first. That was desperation.

  10. 1 hour ago, BeenThere said:

    He's old, and honestly he built his name based on other players work. He really isn't that good truthfully. Some here are too afraid of the aftermath saying such things,

    but I"ll say it, he really isn't that good......... 


    He was good for the system he was in. The system protected him.

  11. 1 hour ago, hjerry said:

    If we're being technical, what the Pats do is not that complicated. If everyone does their job and sticks to their assignments, then you technically can't be beaten, but it's so hard to be able to get your players to consistently do that when everyone wants to shine individually. This has always been why Belichek has been so impressive; he can say these things and stick to them and not lose the locker room. You have to have the right personality to preach these things and get everyone to stick to them.

    Winning helps a lot.

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