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  1. Hey if they can find the right pieces to work together on the line that would be amazing. Of all groups i feel the o line is under the most pressure to work as 1.
  2. I doubt they will work unless its due to religion or disabilities. Just because they file them doesnt mean they will go anywhere. Nfl is a business.
  3. I hear ya. We really need camp to start.
  4. I get it. Cslant hurt to work on your craft. Not sure if it would have helped anyone outside of 2016.
  5. Who? Edit. Did a quick search and saw Beasley and campbell. All vic wanted to do is get outside and avoid contact and im not sure if you can count campbell. I meam how many rush attempts did he have? Not his gm anyway.
  6. You had to be a yes man to quinn. Even as the ship was sinking. I dont think chuck is that.
  7. He is elite. I expect him to catch it everytime it is thrown to him.
  8. Anyone can eat if they have the vision in a zone scheme. Creative play caller takes it even futher.if he can avoid the kill shots he has the experience and skillset to contribute. Build the system find the players that fit it.
  9. Man i was there for that training camp fight lol. The o lineman was punching him in the helmet and pads 🤣. He looked a super hero absorbing it.
  10. Was that simular to what issue the titans D had last year?
  11. Cant wait for the season to start. I want to see what this new team will look like. Im glad its a new area. Wish we would have started over a year or two ago.
  12. Walker played well bro but i dont know about that. There are not many backers that can do what he can when fully engaged. He neutralizes Kamara and CMC.
  13. When he is on he is top 5 mlb in the league.
  14. Yeah Jones faded last year and was almost invisible at times. Foye brought his lunch pail regardless of the situation. You dont let those guys walk.
  15. Should have played a lot earlier. Quinn was in love with duke riley. Must been the mullet and the pulling of trucks later i believed he moved on to mma.
  16. I def agree with brees. He held that team back the past 2 to 3 years. I think he kept them from the super bowl.
  17. Tak could at least sniff the qb. Anderson was a horrendous pick.
  18. Not concerned with the kid being covered by corners. He is big and fast. The offense has the advantage with scheme. They will get tired of getting ran over in the run gm if they keep lining up inside with him next to a tackle.
  19. Them mofos use to clown me in practice lol. I dont think they knew how hard it was. Not to mention no technique taught.
  20. Your opinion is actually fact when it comes to the 2nd hardest position. Rules have changed a lot and it's not geared towards defense.
  21. All they ever wanted us to do was hit each other hard in south Ga. No technique taught. We mostly played running teams. I got the first int of the season my junior year. Then was introduced to mr double move 🤣. Was a short career. Was told a scout was coming to see me they never made it. I have empathy when it comes to corners. 2nd hardest spot on the field.
  22. People are so critical of corners. Most dont realize how hard the position is.
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