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  1. Eh he just won a super bowl in KC i question why would he even leave.
  2. Thats big, if thats the case they will really enjoy playing for him.
  3. Eh that team was stacked around rogers. They stopped running the ball.
  4. A lot of randoms getting head coaching jobs this year. I need to put my name in the hat. In my online madden league i led the bills to a playoff birth. Early exist though.
  5. Even better than the amoeba defense? 😱
  6. I will give him a year, but i think they are in win now mode and are taking this very seriously. The league is results driven or at least should be.
  7. Yep no balance. Packers threw too much today when the gm was still in reach as well and they have a run gm.
  8. How does chris jones just carve through people like that? Dude is unreal. Secondary is good but if youe d tackle can go untouched...... insane.
  9. I agree bro, as i said before you want the team to carry the qb not the other way around. Build the foundation. There is so much talent on thats bucs team.
  10. Rogers had his chances to win it. He didnt do it. Should have kept feeding dillion.
  11. Packers had a chance they blew it. Brady gifted them 2 picks smh. Packers stopped running the ball.
  12. I took flack for wanting saints to beat the buc's I get it. I cant for the life of me understand why we would want the bucs to beat the pack.
  13. Yeah that bomb at the half is unexceptable. Ive been grilling some wings and steak missed some of it.
  14. Lions are always making dumb head coaching selections. I would be ready to leave also.
  15. I hope so, they almost gave us nothing last year. I give the rook a pass, fowler was hurt and didnt really have anyone across from him. You kind of need to pass rushers or a lead scoring wise.
  16. Doesnt have to be big as long as he avoids the big hits. Dunn did it for a long time.
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