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  1. His issue was when he started calling players falcons for life. He has learned from it and has taken a more business approach. I think he broughr dirk back also but its water under the bridge now.
  2. Yeah but yards mean nothing if you dont score touchdowns. You can make numbers and stats say what you want. A nine min difference isnt much, but there is definitely more to it than what you can just look at numbers wise.
  3. We will agree to disagree on this. The one thing that drove me crazy was the 3 and outs on offense. Not to mention a good run gm. How do you have good time of possession but cant run the ball? It was way more than just redzone issues. I feel you and i watched 2 different teams. We didnt start running and controlling the clock consistently until the last quarter of the season .
  4. True, but they were also on the field a lot more than the offense. Had the offense pulled there weight season would have looked a lot different. Morris and brick had them playing.
  5. Goes with management also. The two top 15 players we chose to rush the passer are no longer on the roster and didnt seem to want to play football.
  6. Yep, you definitely need to look and think about more than what you just see on the surface. People choose not to. Thats how you get fired or be like boy i didnt see that coming. Also i hate the saying you are what your record says you are.
  7. He will come here play 4 gms and be injured the rest of the season.
  8. Our run game isnt great at all. I wouldnt put it on smith. Give it another year. Look at who called plays. Pat played with shanahan as the coordinator.
  9. Well with dirk here wouldnt have mattered of pat stayed. Would have been wasted money.
  10. I only say it because reid will prob retire soon. What situation is better than that?
  11. Got find the desperate ones. Separate them from the heard.
  12. True. He just needs to practice next time if he didnt. I dont even want to watch it. Or just goal bill b and mumble and dont give anything. Results speak louder anyway.
  13. Yeah they have monsters on the line. Im bout done with this finesse front. I want guys that will best your @ss on the line. Saints have it too.
  14. True but no one is like oh who won the super bowl im 1993? I dont know. If i look it up it still makes no difference to me.
  15. I hope not man lol. Hill roasted them last time. Just depends what Mahommmes shows up. We dont need Atlanta gm mahommes.
  16. Yeah there linebackers are track stars or erasers. Its all set up perfectly. KC needs to control the clock and hope brady has brain farts again.
  17. Super bowl is a super bowl. I get it though. What are the chances of him winning anyway? Prob pretty slim. He can takeover in KC.
  18. We were really lucky to get Smith. A lot of regular guys are getting shots now
  19. I dont know how many more years big andy has, but if im EB i would just stay there. He may not even be HC material. He may not even want to be a HC.
  20. Eh he just won a super bowl in KC i question why would he even leave.
  21. Thats big, if thats the case they will really enjoy playing for him.
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