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  1. Prob so. You can always find another run and hit linebacker. I think he will really blow up in this new defense. Took so long to get his chance on the field.
  2. I can see his perspective. Their bodies go through a lot.
  3. Oh snap this is exciting. Wish the season started tomorrow. Come on draft.
  4. Man i like em both but foye seems to bring it every play. I feel like debo has to be winning or hes not as hungry anymore.
  5. I had high hopes for quinn, but started seeing cracks in the foundation. I have a different feeling this time around, maybe cause the head coach has success on offense. Wants to be physical yet deceptive.
  6. Man i hope these guys work out . I hope they are here 10 plus years means they will be successful.
  7. I was hoping it would have been mcgary but i think jordan lives in his head.
  8. If they dont get the backs involved i will fire smith myself. Seriously though smith is too smart for that.
  9. I hope he forklifts cam jordan into the turf.
  10. Yeah i feel ya. No a days you really have to be careful who you are messing around with. Looks like they arent perusing criminal charges they just want that bread. Settle out of court make it go away. Better learn a lesson though.
  11. I hope they dont. I can see why they would want to get their franchise qb though. I prefer to build the team but i am also sitting on my couch.
  12. I guess you didnt watch him against us last year.
  13. He worked us when we played the panthers
  14. Did damage against us when we played panthers.
  15. Why did they wait until now? Can you really force someone to give you oral sex? Anyway if 45 can get away with it why not Watson? Its def about money. Was all good until he tried to leave.
  16. Yeah he can block if he wants to. Gonna need him to want to on every play if he comes here.
  17. Ehhh line isnt as bad as they think. Games aren't won in the off season anyway. We are not the 29th worse team.
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