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  1. I use the bend but don't break defense with, basically man with two safeties over the top. I drop the safeties back maybe four extra yards before the snap and use lofton to shut down the run. On passing plays I use babs, he's extremely fast and I can usually get pressure on the qb with him. You also have to tell your defense when it's a run or pass, that helps a lot. But if you keep them from making the big play, and force them to drive down the field you can usually cause them to tern the ball over.

    You never know on defense though, one day I won about 5 games straight, the next day I struggled.

    If they do get in the red zone, I switch to the dime flats coverage and I usually can force a turnover. any of you guys play on PlayStation 2?

  2. The First thing I do at the snap of the ball is to see if the safeties drop back in coverage, if not I throw it as far as I can with ryan, which usually give me a big gain. I'm averaging like 90 yards a game now, which has helped me balance my attack as well as set up the play action. I use babs on passing downs, he's usually way faster than the oline player. Also drop your safeties back to protect against the big play, make the other person go the length of the field to score, they'll usually make a mistake. I rarely blitz, so I'm rarely caught one on one, avoid that situation if possible...

    One day I won like 6 games straight, then the next day I can't seem to catch a break, and lose most of my games by 3 points.......If you can run the ball, you can win. Don't try for the big play on offense all the time, work your way down the field. Do you take control of the receiver when the ball is in the air?

  3. Man I'm killing people online with the new roster up dates. Matt ryan finally has the deep ball and my pass rush is ridiculous. Not to mention I'm running all over people with turner. I think I've won 5 in a row, not to mention the aholes that disconnect on you. You can really tell the difference, I can actually run the ball with the burner.

    some friendly advice...... On passing downs use babs and come off the line as quick as possible, if you can do that your pass rush will increase ten fold. I push up the middle and guys usually back up far enough for abe orJA98 to get em.......I can't remember the last time I blitzed. But I play cover two, I try to stay away from the big plays....It's working, drop your safeties a little farther back

    If you can run the ball you will win

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