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  1. atljbo, you have earned yourself poster of the year, thanks for keeping us informed.
  2. Wow, that is amazing, we need one of those in the Dome.
  3. I can't wait for Preseason!!!!!! This is going to be an exciting year.
  4. lol, I hope he gets a lot of pancakes this year, he may get to the pro bowl, I see our offense being very productive this year..
  5. I remember the coach we had before Smith(wont mention his name) stating Nicholas use to give him **** back when he was in college....I'm looking forward to seeing what he's capable of.
  6. Man that is great news....I'm so excited about this season, I'm gonna have to take Sunday off for the game against the Dolphins!! I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!!
  7. I felt like I was there.. Thanks man
  8. Is that all you're gonna give us JBopper, no details???????
  9. Yeah, there's no need to get out there and practice, I doubt he'll forget how to rush the passer......
  10. Funnier than The Office? I'll have to agree to disagree sir
  11. Keith Brooking looked like an all pro shooting the gap that Lewis opened up for him to make plays in the backfield. I saw a complete difference in our defense when Lewis was in the game when Grady was cut. I remember reading a statement saying that Grady like to freelance a lot and not do his job, that's why he was let go the first time. Lewis play his role when he got the opportunity and he shined IMOP. Wait and see, he'll show you.
  12. Man, I feel if our pass rush is where its suppose to be this year, with the instincts Owens seems to possess, he'll have a great year.......I'm begging for QB pressure this year, if that happens everything else will fall into place........
  13. I plan on going to the Eagles game this year, I hope we crush them. Our defense is really going to have to show up this season, hopefully I wont have to punch an eagles fan in the face!!! On second thought.............
  14. Maybe he'll be motivated this time around...... I wish I had the chances some of these NFL players have...
  15. He looks like a beast in the video that's in this thread. If he can give us 75% of what I just watched I'll be happy!!! It all starts with the pressure up front though, I think we got some descent help in the draft when it comes to that.
  16. Houston is not a bad player, he just needs to get his head around more consistently. Hopefully he'll get better but I'm really liking the Owens and Moore pick, hopefully they'll be huge contributors to our defense.... Man I can't wait for the Preseason!
  17. I have faith in Decoud and Coleman. In the first round I'm hoping they get Pettigrew or someone that can get pressure on the QB, we definitely need some help up front on D
  18. I always think of the game where grady was cut and Lewis played the NT posiiton, brooking and the other line backers were flying around and making plays because Lewis was keeping the o-line off of them.... If he can do this next season, or defense will definitely improve. Before he was cut, I heard that Grady didn't really play within the scheme and that he liked to do his own thing during the Petrino years....... But from my understanding that's what our line does not right, free lance?
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't we had his number for a couple of seasons now? I can't remember the last game he dominated against us... The only things that comes to mind is when number 7 was still here.............
  20. Wire played good in one game I believe....In the playoffs I saw him missing a lot of tackels.....I hope he's not the starter when the season starts
  21. Man I hope Trey returns to form, he was a decent player when he got his opportunities to play.... IMOP, he played better than grady when we cut him
  22. Well if our D-line improves there will be less time for Wrs to get open.....the line is the priority I believe...
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