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  1. We also ran the **** out of turner as well.
  2. I want roddy here until he retires. He has given so much to this team.
  3. I'm torn, because it always seems our lines are getting pushed around and our linebackers can't shed due to our line not keeping guys off them. I don't know if it's our scheme or what but something has to change.
  4. I like smith I just Wish he Wasn't so stubborn. I think that's his biggest flaw. Besides being conservative as well I love what he and his staff have done for the team.
  5. Bro decoud is aweful. If had to count in asante or decoud to be the last line of defense to make a game saving tackle one on one I would take asante. I would put bosher back there over him. The entire secondary had to deal with a lack of pass rush. Rookies with no experience performed better than he did.
  6. I wouldn't even call what he did consistent. I think mcclure actually saved his *** last year making look look better than he was.
  7. So if your consistant year one and you suck year two whats that mean?
  8. Dirty bird doesn't know what he's talking about bro.
  9. Go watch the jets game with konz at center. Against the 3-4 the nose is lined up right over konz. If I were konz I would have retired after that game. It was worse than when when he's at guard. Granted matt does get pressure from holmes side but if konz is getting pushed on his *** matt cant climb the pocket. Holmes gets beat from time to time but he also rides his man to the outside. If you don't understand that im wasting my time.
  10. You are smoking crack. No way is trueblood better than holmes. Konz is the worst we have. You guys just dont see it because you are blind to the inside. Its easier to see holmes get beat. Konz couldn't haldle it at center or guard. He at least has help on the inside.
  11. Lol, we did think he would make a difference. He's suppose to be one of the best. I blame talent and drafting.
  12. Konz should have been inactive as well. T
  13. I think you are looking too far into it. It is the off season though. ..
  14. I agree, if we get rid of holmes get rid of reynolds, konz, shaeder (sp?) and blalock as well. Not to mention trueblood. I think you only notice holmes because he's on the outside. Konz and renolds were destroyed this year as well. If you're going to point use all your fingers.
  15. Owens was decent on the outside, he sucked in the slot. I sometimes feel our coaching staff can't adjust when they need to. But I guess they see the players more than we do......... Just seems like an on going trend.
  16. I'm glad we have them for cheap now, when their contracts end we won't be able to keep both.
  17. Right on brother, I've saw it happening my first year of teaching which was last year. The guy didn't even make it to Christmas. Some of us are so misinformed.
  18. 80 looked good at certain points of the season. I think he will be hard to stop if he can hold on to the ball. Especially with the weapons on the outside.
  19. Koetter cant make these guys block any better. Look at the talent and the line coach. We couldn't get the ball down field because we didn't have time to
  20. Middle backer cant be harder than playing corner in a man to man defense.
  21. Konz sucks. He is too weak. He had two years to gain strength and did not. He is a child amongst men!!!
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